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Top Ten Scariest Nostalgic Moments

Top Ten Scariest Nostalgic Moments

Happy Halloween Special!

Sorry this is so late. I tried my best to pump this thing out as fast as possible. I guess even with all my experience, I have limits to what I can do in just 2 days. I really hope the quality didn’t suffer. It probably did… Lesson learned, do not try to make videos in the span of 2 days during the busy season of work; it will be the bane of your sanity.

Sorry, things have just been hectic for me lately. The Marine Corps birthday is coming up, and this is around the time when the band is called up to perform at ceremonies all around the country, so my schedule is suffering greatly.

You might be wondering why this is not just video games or movies. Well, I tried doing a list of things that scared me in video games or movies specifically, but I couldn’t come up with 10 good ones, or just 5 that I could talk about extensively. And I’m ranking them on how much I remember being frightened by them when I was younger, and how long it took me to watch them again after I went through a “Pull-the sheets-over-your-head” phase.

FOB Equestria