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Three WhatsApp features that help you remember important chats

Three WhatsApp features that help you remember important chats

WhatsApp has become a household name over the years of aggressive Internet penetration. It is hard to come by a person who does not use the app. The app was launched in India back in 2010 and has over 200 million active users across the country – which makes this its biggest market in the world. Globally, the messaging app has over 1.5 billion users.

There are several features in the app that makes you remember the important chats and messages and makes life easier. These features were rolled out after Facebook took it over.

Pinning a chat:

A user can pin the most important chats on of all the other messages – this will help one to not go through the pain of scrolling down or searching every time they need to find a particular chat.

How to do that?

> Open WhatsApp messenger

> Long press the chat that needs to be pinned on top of the list

> At the top, four options will show up – pin, delete, mute, archive and a dotted sign with four other options.

> Tap on the Pin icon on top of the screen and the chat will be pinned on top of all other chats

However, a user can only pin upto three chats. To unpin an already pinned chat, long press the chat and click on the Disable pin icon.

Starring a chat:

A user can also ‘star’ an important message and access it without trying to find it painstakingly later.

> To do that, open a particular chat with the person whose message needs to be ‘starred’

> Long tap on the particular message

> Five icons will appear on top of the chat screen – a ‘star’ icon amongst them

> Click on the Star icon

How to access the starred messages later?

> After opening the WhatsApp messenger an icon with three dots appears on the top right corner of the screen. Click on that – the fouth option is ‘Starred messages’.

> Go to ‘Starred messages’ and you will find all your starred messages there.

Unlike the ‘Pin’ features, one can ‘Star’ as many messages as he wants………Read More>>


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