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This is how You can add upto 5 profiles in your Aadhaar

This is how You can add upto 5 profiles in your Aadhaar

UIDAI in a tweet updated as “You can add up to 5 Aadhaar profiles in your #mAadhaar app. OTP for authentication is sent to the registered mobile number of the Aadhaar holder.

How to create a profile on mAadhaar app?

Launch the app

Tap on the Register Aadhaar tab on the top of the main dashboard.

Create a 4 digit Pin/Password

Provide valid Aadhaar & enter valid Captcha

Enter valid OTP and submit

The profile should get registered

The registered tab would now display the registered Aadhaar Name

Tap on My Aadhaar tab on the bottom menu

Enter 4-digit Pin/Password

My Aadhaar Dashboard appears

How the resident can view the profile?

The profile can be viewed by tapping on the profile summary on the top (profile image, name and Aadhaar number on the cyan tab) in the main dashboard.

Steps to access the Aadhaar profile

Launch the app

Tap on the Aadhaar Profile tab on the top at the bottom of the main dashboard

Enter 4 digit Pin/Password

The front side of the Aadhaar appears. Slide to the left to view the backside.

In order to view other added profiles, keep sliding to left

To view the Aadhaar Profile page and access the services within a tap on the My Aadhaar tab at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.

Where can m-Aadhaar be used?

mAadhaar app can be used anywhere anytime within India. mAadhaar is more than Aadhaar card in a wallet. On one hand, the mAadhaar profile is accepted as valid ID proof by Airports and Railways on the other resident can use the features in the app to share their eKYC or QR code with service providers who sought Aadhaar verification of their customers before providing Aadhaar services….Read More>>


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