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Super Awesome Minecraft Crafting Ideas

Super Awesome Minecraft Crafting Ideas

seriously people, ITS A JOKE!!!! Y U SO STUPID???

#2(tee hee) is in done!! hope you like it!

(6/13/12) wow, 20K views. all for a stupid joke. keep the hate mail comin 😀
(7/26/12) 46,143 views!
(8/7/12) 81,542 views!! ZOMUHGOODNISS!
(8/20/12) 168,883 views…..wow
(8/27/12) 248,772 views. o.O
(9/2/12) 318,723 views. nothing funny to say at this point
(9/9/12) 396,221 views, ive been asked to place ads in this vid. holla ya’ll!
(9/26/12) 525,518 views. over a half million. metal
(10/23/12) 701,794. lets try for a million by the years end!
(12/20/12) 1,071,540 views. i did it! million by years end! im quasi youtube famous!
(3/20/14) 2,463,261 views. where does the time go peoples?

thanks to user 567madhatter for taking timeout of his busy schedule to report this as inappropriate. i love when people abuse the system

Here are some of my ideas for mine craft items and descriptions. tell me what you think and if i should make more!
clearly i do not own anything in this video and do not claim to. all rights go to the creators and owners of minecraft.

btw, im aware there is a poop mod. i dont know when it was made but i am not ripping it off. this is a joke making fun of the stupid crafting ideas people make. its bad on purpose. get over it

(obviously this is all a joke, but i know half of you guys are gonna flame me for it. i await your hate)
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