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Phora – Open Letter [Official Music Video]

Phora – Open Letter [Official Music Video]

With the latest controversy going on in politics, Phora has something to say. Phora kicks off 2016 with this brand new music video “Open Letter” and its clear that he’s letting everyone know, nothings going to be able to stop him and what he stands for. In this rebellious, action-packed new music video Phora – along with the Yours Truly team, and rapper Hopsin – kidnap Donald Trump during a press conference in an armed heist. The message in this song is clear : the people are not to be fucked with. Although this video is clearly fictional, and no harm is intended on any political figure or person, some things need to be said out loud, and lately things have been too quiet. Some people are scared to speak out because they fear what other people will say, or they fear the consequences, but the ones who stand up and speak out are the ones who truly can make history and change things around. YOURS TRULY FOREVER

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Produced by Stunnah Sez Beats

Directed by @George_Orozco
DP Justin Jones
Producer Ovidio Jimenez
AD Parker McMillan