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Order Aadhaar print officially from UIDAI

Order Aadhaar print officially from UIDAI

It is  now possible to get our Aadhaar card printed officially bythe Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI. The  UIDAI  has  started reprinting Aadhaar cards on a pilot basis.  This move getting the Aadhaar card directly from UIDIAI – will help people  looking for Aadhaar reprint centers.

How  to  Print  Aadhaar  Card  officially

It  takes  just  a  few  clicks  to  get  the  Aadhaar  card  printed.

  • Go  to https://resident.uidai.gov.in/ (copy and paste the URL in a separate tab)
  • Look for the Order Aadhaar Reprint link and click it (URL: https://resident.uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-reprint )
  • Enter  your  Aadhaar or Virtual Aadhaar ID number
  • Enter  the  Security  Code  (captcha)
  • If  you  have  a TOTP  from  your  mAadhaar  app,  you  can  check  the  ‘I  have  TOTP’  checkbox.
  • Click  on  Request  OTP  button  and  Submit.  You  can  skip  this  if  you  have  a  TOTP.
  • You  will  get  an  OTP  in  your  mobile.   Enter  the  OTP  in  the  Enter  OTP  box.
  • Once  you  enter  the  OTP  and  click  Submit,  you  will  be  taken  to  a  page  where  you  will  be  asked to  pay  Rs  50  as  reprint  charges.  The  payment  gateway  will  allow  you  to  pay  the  charges  through credit or debit  cards,  Net banking  or  UPI.

Once  you  make  the  payment,  you  will  get  an  acknowledgment  page.  Save  the  acknowledgement (downloadable as PDF)  for  reference.

Your  Aadhaar  card  will  be  printed  and  sent  to  the  address  in  the  card…….Read More>>


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