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Meet “Collector Bro”, An IAS Officer In Kozhikode Who’s Doing Wonders Through Social Media

Meet “Collector Bro”, An IAS Officer In Kozhikode Who’s Doing Wonders Through Social Media

The story Meet “Collector Bro”, An IAS Officer In Kozhikode Who’s Doing Wonders Through Social Media appeared first on StoryPick.

The fate of Indian Administrative Service officers constitutes many plot twists. However, moving past that soft spot, let’s talk about a super awesome officer who has chosen a unique but totally rewarding way of contributing his entire time to the betterment of the district he is heading. Meet the “Collector Bro”, people.

Prasanth Nair isn’t always the conventional IAS officer who sits in his cushiony office chair, drowning in files and folders. And the following facts about him will prove why exactly is he the “Collector Bro”.


On his first day at work, the 35-year-old collector entered his office in checked shirt and jeans, wearing sunglasses- Donning an appearance that could easily be perceived as arrogance.

Considering his said attire on the first day of work, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that his entry was quite stylish. People must have been in their heads like, “Oooh, look at him throwing style and showing off his superiority already on his first day of a big fancy job.” And weirdly enough, his sunglasses stayed put, even when he greeted his staff, headed towards his chamber, worked and attended press.

And then the inner voices of these people bit their own tongue when the cool collector humbly said, “Excuse the glasses, I have pink eye.”

-According to a news feature on him published on The Hindu Business Line


Advancing with time, he makes optimum use of Facebook for work

There are IT companies that don’t allow Facebook access because, well, it kills time. However, this collector sahab, working in the premier administrative civil service of the Government of India, is available for public on Facebook all the time.

  • As per the last count, he has 1,38,613 followers on his Facebook page-“Collector Kozhikode”.
  • He handles the page personally. His proactive presence on social media makes him an extremely transparent collector- just what the public wants.


  • He puts up all sort of announcements (welfare schemes and other initiatives) on the page.
  • People drop complaints and appreciation texts, and not a single query goes unanswered.


But he stays a total compassionate dude, maybe to assure people that their problems are his.


Sometimes he responds to his young male audience by addressing them as “Bro”


  • A movie buff, some of his posts are also movie dialogues.
  • In good humour, people would even poke fun at him.
  • His popularity as a collector has reached across districts, where people would try luring him into heading their respective districts.


His proactive presence on social media wasn’t well-received by a politician (We aren’t surprised)

The clashes between politicians and IAS officers are not a breaking news, and the new breed of IAS officers like Prasanth Nair proves how they don’t let the hands of politics suppress them.

And therefore, when the district chief of Congress remarked that the officer was whiling time on social media and not attending phone calls, “Collector Bro” highlighted the importance of social media by remarking that such controversies prove just how immense is the requirement for e-literacy.

-According to a news feature on him published in The Indian Express


His efficiency at work is a direct result of his open communication with masses


  • Once he asked people for an app that could help him keep a check on speeding buses, and responses from numerous techies flooded in.
  • His social initiative ‘Operation Suleimani’ to make the city hunger-free is one of the most popular ones.
  • The initiative focusses on distributing food coupons that can be exchanged for a free meal at restaurants (about 100 of them), that are a part of the initiative. And unlike some other organizations, the initiative doesn’t accept funds that are more than what are required for running the operation.


His dreams for future are simple yet profound

What would an IAS want to do after having become an IAS? Why should he/she rather do anything after having reached that stage of life? However, the real journey of this bro of an IAS has started from this stage. He wants to create a compassionate population in the city he calls his “Karmabhoomi”

To The Indian Express, he said,

“I wish to see a compassionate population in my district, people who care for each other. Our focus should shift from structures and concrete to people.”


Because he is a human before an IAS officer and an intelligent one at that.


It’s people like N Prasanth that are the hope of this country. Don’t you think?

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The story Meet “Collector Bro”, An IAS Officer In Kozhikode Who’s Doing Wonders Through Social Media appeared first on StoryPick.