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iPhone SE still sells for Rs 16,900 on Flipkart, is it worth buying in 2019?

iPhone SE still sells for Rs 16,900 on Flipkart, is it worth buying in 2019?

The Flipkart Republic Day Sale is on its full swing at the moment. Several smartphones, laptops, home appliances and other things are there on sale, tagging along several discounts and offers. In fact, if you have been looking to buy a fairly affordable smartphone under Rs 20,000, this is the best time to make the switch. Fairly competent smartphones from companies such as Asus, Nokia, Xiaomi, Realme and certain other brands are being offered with a plethora of offers and price cuts.

As I was going through the list of all smartphones on offer under Rs 20,000, there was an unusual option that popped up on my screen – an Apple iPhone SE. Yes, the very same iPhone SE that was launched back in 2016 as Apple’s entry-level device to the exclusive iPhone club. The iPhone Se is now selling for Rs 16,999 for the single 32GB variant. The handset was known to be a saviour for those who preferred compact dimensions without compromising on performance. It even came with Apple’s much-promoted Rose Gold colour.

The iPhone SE was launched in India as a premium midrange smartphone with a price of Rs 39,999. While it came across as the cheapest iPhone at the time, consumers waited until two years when Apple dropped the prices to Rs 26,000 by the end of 2017. Throughout 2018, the iPhone SE continued to be sold with massive discounts, bringing the average price down to Rs 18,000. I even remember the iPhone SE selling for Rs 14,000 at a time on one of Flipkart or Amazon’s sale.

What does the 2016 iPhone SE offer in 2019?

Over the years, the basic definition of the smartphone has changed. A modern smartphone has to have a big screen with narrow bezels so as to make large screen devices easier to live with. The iPhone SE is a hallmark of the past when smartphones were small and had chunky bezels all around. Compared to the notch-adorned sleek smartphones of the present, the iPhone SE definitely shows its age.

I happened to use an iPhone SE last year for a while and the most difficult bit was getting used to a tiny 4-inch display. The text appears smaller while watching YouTube videos on that small screen is definitely not as immersive as a modern affordable phone with a 6-inch display. And don’t even consider playing PUBG on this tiny screen – I was hardly able to see any opponent.

The tiny 4-inch display is definitely a huge compromise by today’s standards. However, the rest of the phone is easily better than any other smartphone under Rs 20,000. Wonder how?

–The iPhone SE runs on an A9 dual-core chip. This is the same chip used on the iPhone 6S. Benchmarking platforms show this chip’s performance comparable to a modern-day Snapdragon 660 chipset.

–The iPhone SE runs on the latest version of iOS 12 and is slated to receive two more major OS upgrades before Apple withdraws support. Therefore, iPhone SE enjoys the same level of software support that the Rs 1 lakh iPhone XS does.

— Apple is known to offer unparalleled software optimisation compared to Android phones. Therefore, you will be ensured of smooth user experience.

–The 12-megapixel rear camera is still one of the best in its class in terms of performance. The 1.2-megapixel front camera is however not on par with what its rivals offer.

–Even with a relatively small battery of 1,624mAh, the efficient software optimization makes sure the phone lasts for a day with nominal usage.

–The iPhone SE is easily the most compact phone in the market, which makes this one of the few phones that’s easy to live with.

Is the iPhone SE still worth buying?

If you value clean and polished user experience over everything else, the iPhone SE comes across as a steal for Rs 16,900. Compared to any other Android phone under Rs 20,000, the software support is exceptional and it can still handle anything you can throw at it.

However, if you are in for an overall modern qualitative smartphone experience under Rs 20,000, I would suggest you look at other Android One devices that offer modern specifications, and most importantly, a bigger display.


Source:- indiatoday