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How to vote if you don’t have a Voter ID card

How to vote if you don’t have a Voter ID card

The Lok Sabha elections 2019 are around the corner and voters who don’t have a Voter’s ID card can still cast their votes. Voters will have to submit alternative documents issued by the union government, state government, public limited companies, passbooks issued by banks or post office etc. There are 10 documents which a voter can show as an alternative to a Voter’s ID. Out of all these documents, the voter needs to show any one of them to identify themselves as a voter:

Aadhaar Card

It is a unique identification card of a citizen that has biometric and demographic data of an individual. It has a 12 digit unique number and photo ID – the data for which was collected by UIDAI which is a government body.


The Indian passport is also an identity proof of an Indian citizen issued by the President of India for the purpose of international travel. Passport can be used as an alternate document for voting if an individual has their name on the voters list.

Driving licence

A driving licence serves the purpose of an identity card as it has a photo ID with it and they are administrated by the Regional Transport Authorities. Hence, the driving licence is an official document and can be used as an alternative for voting ID.

Service Identity Card

Any government serviceman during vote polling can show their service card which has been issued by any of the central/state government.


Any passbook issued by a government bank or the post office with a photograph can be used as an alternative for Voters ID.

Pension document

Any citizen receiving a pension from the government and has a photograph attached to the pension document can be used……Read More>>


Source:- timesnownews