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Here’s The Story Of The 1993 Bomb Blasts That Shook India

Here’s The Story Of The 1993 Bomb Blasts That Shook India

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Late 1992 and the first few months of 1993 saw the horrifying riots spread through the bewildered city of Mumbai in which close to a thousand people were killed.

What instigated the attack?

The Mumbai riots began after the demolition of Babri Masjid by Vishva Hindu Parishad on December 6, 1992. Against this backdrop, the combination of mafia money, communalist hatred and personal vendettas gave rise to this brutal act of terrorism.

Underground planning:

The planners of the 1993 Bombay Blasts managed to rope in a few Muslim youths from certain minority inhabited areas and sent them to Dubai to receive training on how to execute the attacks.

Suspicions ignored by Mumbai Police:

The original plan was to attack Mumbai during the Shiv Jayanti celebrations, but North East Mumbai Police detained Gul Noor Mohammad Sheikh a.k.a. “Gullu” at the Nav Pada police station. A participant in the communal riots, Gullu was one of the 19 men hand-picked by Tiger Memon for training of the use of arms and bombs.

In spite of Gullu speaking about a conspiracy underway to bomb major locations around the city, the police rubbished his conspiracy claims. Fearing police actions, Tiger Memon advanced the date of the blasts.

Black Friday: The day of the attacks

On March 12, 1993, a series of bomb explosions ruptured the arteries of Mumbai and brought the city to its knees.

In one of the most well-planned terror attacks on Indian soil, RDX was used as the explosive material. The single-day attacks resulted in 257 fatalities and the number of injured stood at 1200.

Execution of the bombings:

Attacks centered mostly around the Bombay Stock Exchange and various crowded locales across the city.

The first car bomb exploded in the basement of the 28-storey Bombay Stock Exchange building at 1.30 pm, killing 50 on the spot. From 1.30 pm till 3.40 pm, 13 bombs exploded at quick intervals in different parts of the city.

Grenades were thrown at Sahar International Airport and at Fisherman’s colony. A double decker bus was targeted in one of the explosions. Hotel Sea Rock, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Hotel Airport Centaur, the Air India Building, the regional passport office, Zaveri Bazaar, Katha Bazaar, Shiva Sena Bhavan and Plaza Theatre, were targeted by the terrorists.

Aftermath of the 2 hours and 10 minutes of terror:

The Mumbai Police cracked the case within two days and established the involvement of the Memon family who helped Pakistan-based underworld boss Dawood Ibrahim.

After the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya by the Hindu mobs, Dawood carried out this attack as a ‘revenge’ for the atrocities committed on the Muslims during the riots.

The investigation was directed by then Joint Commissioner of police M.N. Singh, who later became police commissioner, and then DCP Rakesh Maria, who is currently the Police Commissioner. A special court was set up under the TADA Act (Terrorist And Disruptive Activities Act), inside the Arthur Road Central Jail to conduct the trial into the case.

Arrests, Convictions and Verdicts:

Barely a month after the attacks, the Mumbai police made their most sensational arrest when they nabbed the young and brash Sanjay Dutt.

Not only Sanjay Dutt, the gallery of the accused included central and state government officials who accepted bribes and allowed RDX into the city. The total arrests made in the case were 193. 27 were discharged by the Special TADA Court, 140 faced trial and two turned approvers.

Justice served? Or is justice delayed?

Much cannot be said of this for the prime accused in the case – Tiger Memon is still at large. But there is certainly a cause and effect relationship between the riots of December 1992 and bomb blasts of March 1993.

It took a lot of effort from the people of Mumbai and from the law enforcement agencies to overcome these moments of horror and get life back on track.

Yakub Memon’s hanging sends a spine-chilling message to the people who think they can escape. And with the citizens of India giving a collective middle finger to the terrorists on the social network, the message is very loud and clear – we are not going to be terrorized now. It is absurd to think that Yakub Memon is being sent to the gallows for being a Muslim. That’s not how the judiciary works. Justice may be a bit delayed but not denied.

And I will continue to have full faith in Indian judiciary as long as they keep giving verdicts like these.


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The story Here’s The Story Of The 1993 Bomb Blasts That Shook India appeared first on StoryPick.