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Driving licenses to look same in all States

Driving licenses to look same in all States

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced unified driving license and vehicle registration as a norm going forward. The development will be standard wef October 1, 2019. The simple idea behind the changes is having a driving licence that looks standard across the country. The move will include design changes as the new license is adapted across States so every driver has a similar looking DL or registration card.

Most interesting is the inclusion of a QR code, which upon being read will reveal a record of driver data, and any penalties registered against said driver. For this to work, a central online database will need to be setup. This will have a record of all vehicle and driver registrations.

For the system to work as spontaneously and seamlessly as imagined, traffic coppers will be furnished with QR code readers to immediately access the central database, and quickly check on any past violations/offences. On the reverse side of the DL, an emergency contact number will be listed.

The newly designed driving licenses for India will contain driver information, which includes any limitations for differently-abled drivers, and necessary vehicle modifications too will be detail. Vehicle registration cards will list vehicle and fuel type, engine type, vehicle class, emission details, and many other details that help identify a vehicle. Owner info and all necessary details related to vehicle registration will be mentioned in a simplified manner………Read More>>


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