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AMIIBO WAVE 2 Updated Introduction Videos and Compatibility Chart

AMIIBO WAVE 2 Updated Introduction Videos and Compatibility Chart

Check out all the Amiibo Wave 2 Character Introduction Videos and compatibility including Princess Zelda, Diddy Kong, Little Mac, Luigi, Captain Falcon and Pit! These are from the Nintendo Amiibo Demo that is in stores now! I was on the lookout for Amiibo Wave 2 figurines at the store and noticed the store demo had a bunch of new info. It was nice to see Luigi, Zelda, Little Mac and the rest of the new wave 2 amiibo figures being represented. The Amiibo Characters display has a touchscreen and does a great job of explaining what games the Amiibo figures are compatible with. The current games on the compatibility chart are Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. Wii U with more games on the way. I look forward to picking up all of the wave 2 Amiibo figures and I think Nintendo did a great job at bringing all of their toys to life.

Some of the most rare amiibo wave 2 figures to find are Pit, Captain Falcon and Little Mac. Zelda and Luigi are a bit easier to track down, while Diddy Kong seems to be somewhere in the middle. Sites are reporting that Falcon, Mac and Pit are already discontinued, even though wave 2 just came out! That explains why they are hard to come by.

Are you looking to own the complete collection of the Amiibo Wave 2 figures and beyond? Here are a few tips:

1. The simplest and most lazy tip? Check websites daily to see if they have any of the wave 2 amiibos in stock. This includes Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy Walmart and Target. Its a shot in the dark, but it can give you a leg up when hunting down those rare amiibo.

2. Slightly more effort than the first tip: Call the stores, politely ask for the electronics department when needed, and ask the associate if they happen to have the figure or figures you are looking for. Don’t call more than once a day, and make sure to be polite to whoever you talk to, it could make the biggest difference! Stores that do have any amiibo wave 2 figures in stock when you call may not be allowed to put any on hold, but if you are extremely polite from the moment the conversation begins then there is a much larger chance they will cut you a break and set one aside while you run there. Which leads us to tip 3

3. If you have information that a store has a wave 2 figure or they are holding one for you, GO THERE IMMEDIATELY! Don’t make extra stops, don’t shower, don’t assume they will hold it all day for you, just GO!

On to the more advanced rare amiibo tips:

4. Search for rare amiibo figures in less popular stores. Everyone is checking BestBuy, GameStop, Target and Walmart, so instead call KMart, Shopko and even Smiths (yes, I have seen them in a Smiths that has an electronics department). The majority of people are not running to their local Smiths when they want a brand new amiibo wave 2 character (no disrespect to Smiths, they rock) and that gives you an advantage. Keep an eye out in the more secluded stores, it could pay off.

5. If they don’t have the wave 2 amiibo or wave 3 figure on the shelves when you get there, still make sure to politely ask someone at customer service or in the games department if they have it in stock. Many stores don’t put every rare figure out at once, because they know that certain customers would come in and buy every rare amiibo at once, only to make a profit. This is why they might get in eight Pit figures, but only put one on the shelf at a time. Make sure to ask someone who looks knowledgeable. Which leads us to the next, and possibly most important tip…

6. HAVE THEM SCAN THE UPC/BARCODE/PRICE LABEL to make sure they don’t have any in the store somewhere. They could easily have none on the shelf, but 10 in the backroom. Unfortunately you may be speaking with an employee who doesn’t realize there are extras in the backroom, or that they keep the rare figures under the counter, or that all of the wave 2 figures are kept at customer service etc..The only way to make sure they don’t have the amiibo wave 2 figure in the store somewhere is to have them scan the tag. The best part about this is that after scanning, they can sometimes tell you if they have any currently being shipped to their store. If the store doesn’t have a tag to scan, google the upc number and they can punch it in.

7. Whats the easiest way to collect all amiibo? RESERVE. The moment you hear about a new amiibo wave, go online or to your favorite store and reserve them asap. This takes all of the hunting and searching out of the equation. The biggest part of this tip is the part about doing it ASAP. If you are out and about when you hear they have a new wave coming, just go into the closest store you are at and reserve them at that location. Or pull out your phone and reserve those rare amiibo online. That way you wont have to be reading tips on how to find amiibo wave 2 figures or wave 3 characters and so on.

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