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9 Mysteries In Real Places That Even Science Cannot Explain

9 Mysteries In Real Places That Even Science Cannot Explain

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Even after decades of atom-splitting science, it is hard to believe but there some mysteries in this world that are still unsolved. These mysteries happen in real world and some of them are so interesting, governments have allotted research projects to look into them.

It has been a long time since these mysteries were first seen, and they still remain unsolved.

A fair caution – some of them are really creepy.

1. The Hessdalen light, where mysterious orbs of lights dance unexplained in the sky

The Hessdalen Light is an unexplained light seen in the sky in Hessdalen valley in Norway. The lights were first seen in 1930s and are seen 10-20times every year. Scientists are still dumbfounded as to what causes them.

These lights appear just above the ground. They sometimes flash in the sky giving off multiple colors and sometimes they even move in patterns. And whatever photos of these creepy lights are on the Internet are not by laymen – reputed scientific universities and groups like Østfold University and Italian National Research Council have studied this phenomenon – unsuccessfully.

There are many theories, but none of them are proven or convincing.

FYI, this phenomenon still happens today.

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2. San Antonio ghost tracks, where ghosts push a stationary car away from the railway tracks

The railway crossing in San Antonio is supposedly haunted. When people park their car on the tracks, where a train can come and smash into this parked vehicle, they hear noises and whispers of children warning them of the impending doom.

Some people also sprinkle baby powder on their bumpers and hood to see handprints appear all of a sudden.

Some drivers have also experienced their cars getting pushed off the tracks.

Very creepy indeed.

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3. Fairy Circles In Namibia, where barren circles appear out of nowhere in the grass

This mystery has stumped the best of the scientists for a long time now, with studies on it conducted over 60 years ago.

If you fly over the Namibian desert you will see these dry circles amidst the short grass that is present everywhere. The density of grass is more around the circumference of these circles, and inside the circle, there is no plant growing whatsoever.

The circle actually grows in time – typically becoming recognizable when it is 2 meters wide and is known to grow up to 15 meters. Scientists have many theories about these “fairy” circles, but no conclusive proof has been agreed upon yet.

It remains one of nature’s greatest mysteries.

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4. The Belmez faces, where faces suddenly appear on the concrete floor of a house.

In 1971, the residents in the Pereria family home in Belmez observed that images of faces started appearing on the floor. This really freaked out the family and they went on to destroy the place where the image had appeared. When they put in a new floor, a new image of a face appeared again.

The faces appear spontaneously, and the residents have tried everything – changing the floor, cleaning the tiles with detergent – nothing worked. It has been going on for over 30 years now.

Scientists dismiss the phenomenon as a hoax where the residents themselves tampered with their floors to make these images. The residents have vehemently rejected this accusation.

Where did these faces come from?

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5. The Devil’s Kettle waterfall where people still do not know where half of its water goes to

In Minnesota, the  Judge C. R. Magney State Park holds one of the most intriguing waterfalls ever – called the devil’s kettle. The name is for the right reasons. Let me explain.

When water flows from point A to point B all water should flow to it. Sometimes it may fork and go to point C too. But when you add up the water in the destination, you always get the total amount of water that came from the source point A.

The devil’s kettle is a waterfall on the Brule river, and it falls into a pothole and then continues on to Lake Superior.

Turns out Lake Superior only gets half the water that falls down the waterfall – scientists measured.

They have no clue where the other half goes. They did experiments where they put dye in the water and table tennis balls so see if the water came out in one of the adjoining lakes – because it has to come out – that’s how lakes form, through groundwater.

No explanation whatsoever – seems like the water literally flows into the pits of hell – disappearing forever.


6. Taos, where people hear a low humming sound ALL THE TIME.

Imagine sleeping at night with a low constant sound of humming in the background. You have no idea where it is coming from. It could be outside or it may be inside your head.

This humming is what the residents of Taos in New Mexico hear – all the time. They hear a distinct humming sound like an engine in the distance.

It is not only in Taos this phenomenon takes place. Instances of this mystery have also been reported in the UK.

The disturbing thing is at least 3 people have gone and committed suicide because they could not bear listening to it anymore.

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7. Paulding lights, where people see orbs of lights at a distance

Residents of Paulding, Michigan report seeing ghostly lights at night dancing and flickering ominously at a distance. It was first seen in 1965 and then many people have claimed to have seen this phenomenon  over the years.

Students of Michigan Tech investigated the phenomenon and concluded that the light people saw was car taillights.

The catch in this conclusion it that the light was 7 kilometers away and was still seen clearly by the onlookers. How can a car taillight be seen so clearly at such a distance? Also, these lights have been reported way back in the 1960s when even the headlights weren’t that powerful to be seen from afar.

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8. The sleepy hollow town of Kalachi where people sleep for days on end

In the small town of Kalachi in Kazakhstan, residents at times go to sleep for days altogether. Doctors ruled out the usual suspects of an infection by bacteria and virus, and also could not find any chemical toxins in soil or in water.

Some scientists claimed that it was due to radiation poisoning from the nearby abandoned Uranium mines, but the neighboring town of Krasnogorsk has a mine too, and its residents never complained of such a phenomena.

The whole village was called a Sleepy Hollow, because its residents only slept the whole time.

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9. Mapimi Silent Zone, where people cannot even hear conversations with another person

Located in Mexico, Mapimi is known as another Bermuda Triangle, where no communications systems work. The US government tested a nuclear bomb on the site and it failed, and the missile fell into this radio silence zone. The area was contaminated and the locals still complain that when two people speak at a distance you cannot hear anything.

Looks like it is a true silence zone where no means of communications work.

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I am sure that one day, science will come along and give us a valid explanation for all of them. Until then we can enjoy these mysteries like we do – with awe and wonder.

Have you come across any mysteries that were inexplicable? Let us know in the comments.

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The story 9 Mysteries In Real Places That Even Science Cannot Explain appeared first on StoryPick.