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8 Innocent Things You Do With Your Body Everyday That Can Kill You

8 Innocent Things You Do With Your Body Everyday That Can Kill You

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“Death comes for us all in the end”

The end is different for everyone, and it can also come during the unlikeliest of times.

And you will not believe the things you do every day can also pose mortality risks.

1. Pooping

There are two kinds of poop sessions people have – one where it all comes out as if your insides were oiled and smooth. Then there is hell, where you feel that you literally have bricks you have to force out.

That effort you put in to get shit out has killed people. The amount of pressure put has ruptured aneurysms people didn’t know they had, instantly killing them.

There also have been cases where people have literally pooped out their intestines because their rectal muscles were weak.

The bottom line is – no pressure.

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2. Sleeping

Remember how everyone says that sleeping too less can kill you. Well, turns out, sleeping too much also kills you. A large study found out that people who sleep more than 7 hours in a day have higher mortality rates – exactly the same as the people who slept for less than 4 hours a day.

Obviously sleeping the extra hour here and there will not kill you, but oversleeping certainly is harmful.

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3. Popping pimples

Pimples just under your nose look and feel bad. They itch, they ache and ooze out yellow shit then it pops all by itself.

The problem begins when you start popping them all by yourself.

The area between the corners of your mouth and the tip of your nose is a hell triangle. The blood vessels in this are directly connected to your brain. Any infection caught here can travel directly to your brain and can cause paralysis, headaches and even death.

Bottomline – don’t pop your pimples.

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4. Yawning

What?! Yawning?!


You can dislocate your whole jaw if you yawn wide enough. It is one of those yawns that go on forever and ever. You need to be rushed to the nearest emergency clinic to get your jaw back into place. You cannot really go around like that girl from Grudge.

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5. Sneezing

Sneezes are irritating, especially if a person sitting beside you does it without covering his mouth. Sneezes are also life threatening.

Remember how our moms used to say – Never hold a sneeze in? Turns out they were right. Violent sneezes have caused slipped disks, fractured ribs and even heart attacks.

They have also been known to puncture your eardrums, leaving you deaf. Some people have sneezed so violently that their backs have been broken, leaving them DEAD.

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6. Coughing

Just like sneezing, coughing too hard or too long can be bad for you. This is one of the reasons doctors usually hook you up with pills that stop the symptoms first.

Coughing fits are known to break ribs too. The strange things your body does when you cough uncontrollably is that it shuts down your airways – so basically you cannot cough or breathe anymore.

People have fractured their diaphragms and gotten hernia. Yes, hernia – the same things people get when they pick up too much weight without practice.

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7. Sex

Sex is enjoyable, until you get seizures, heart attacks and asphyxiation. Sex by itself is a demanding task by your body. We may not think too much into it, but it is a workout in itself. And workouts put exertion on your body.

Then there are cases where people take “aphrodisiacs” that put additional stress on your already stressed body.

Sex is also linked to heart arrhythmias, and even heart attacks. The trick is to make love in a gentle way, and not like a hardcore porno.

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8. Eating food

Food is good for you. It gives you nutrients which are essential for you to live. But every once in a while you eat shitty food, that can give you life-threatening diseases.

If that wasn’t enough, ever heard of the Heimlich maneuver? The same where you hold a person from behind in order to get the choked food out of his windpipe. The reason it is so famous is that a lot of people choke on their food, and many of them die.

That’s why our mothers used to say, “Don’t talk while you eat!”

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I thought I would never say this but – “Be safe when you sleep! And eat safe too!”

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The story 8 Innocent Things You Do With Your Body Everyday That Can Kill You appeared first on StoryPick.