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40 Classic Dialogues That Define The ‘Yaari’ In Every Indian Friendship

40 Classic Dialogues That Define The ‘Yaari’ In Every Indian Friendship

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The best part of every friendship is the way we talk to our friends. The brutally honest and lovable dialogues we say to them are bound to add spark to the most mundane situations we deal with on a regular basis.

No matter how funny, ridiculous or simple they maybe, sometime, they capture our attention and stick to our tongues. There are times when those lines are enough to express all the feels that we are feeling and it works like magic. The informal way to exchange dialogues filled with slang is the way to show how much we love them.

So here are some of the most goofiest and corniest dialogues that we roll out every time in real-life situations with our #No1Yaari

1. Bhabi hai teri


2. Teri mummy ka call aaya. Kya bolu?

When your mom thinks you’re drinking with your friends and wants to verify.


3. Arey apne bhai ka khaata (account) hai us dukaan pe, uss mein likh denge.

When you are low on cash, but your big bro’s ‘khaata’ comes to your rescue.


4.  When he posts Rihanna lyrics as his Facebook status after a breakup.


5. When you want a cute relationship like your best friend.


6. When you call your school friend after a long time.


7. Tu chal to sahi…main batata hu

..no time for explanations. 😀


8. Yaad hai jab humlog school mein the…

…every great story starts with that line, always.


9. Match dekha kal?

Bhai phirse Rohit Sharma 0 pe out ho gaya!


10. Bhai 10 minute me aata hoon. Bahut traffic hai!

Not traffic. Actually, we have never let ourselves be ruled by the clock.


11. When your friend thinks India is an intolerant nation.


12. When you go out with your girlfriend a week before your semester.


13. Arre uski shaadi ho gayi pata hai!

Sirf meri hi nahi hui. Girlfriend tak nahin hai.


14. Bhai padh lena, tere bharose aaya hu.

Same story: Before every semester.


15. Chal number mangte hai.


16. Bacha le iss bar.


17. When he is tired of failed relationships.


18. Room teri naani saaf karegi aake?

Bhai, dump everything in the cupboard and let some fresh air in.


19. Kal se pakka jogging jayenge.

Sorry. Aaj bhi miss ho gaya.


20. Chal daaru pila!

Because daaru has been cementing friendships since time immemorial.


21. Yaad rakhna, ladka ladki kabhi dost nahin ban sakte.


22. Paka mat saale.

Seriously, what’s wrong with you?


23. Tu ek na ek din, zaroor pitega.

Dekh bhai, last time hai! Next time tu pakka pitega.


24. Yeh kya pehna hai tune?

Abe…ja, change it. Kuch bhi pehnega kya?


25. When you become his ‘Bhai’ overnight.


26. Tujhse na ho payega.


27. Everytime you are out for a long drive.


28. Proxy laga dena please, neend nai khul rahi.

Yaar, ye last time. Promise!


29. Saale aaj gaadi ki chaabi chodh k jana, GF k saath date hai.

Car matters, my friend. Explain baad mein karunga.


30. Abey shave kar ke bachcha dikhta hai ekdum.

Kya chikna lag raha hai yaar. You looked so much manlier with your beard.


31. Chal start-up kholte hai!


32. Bada admi ban gaya toh tu! Ab toh humein bhool jayega!

Yes. Because main bada admi ban gaya aur main aur bada banna chahta hoon.


33. Bhavnao ko samjho!

Abe..Bhavna kaun hai? 😉


34. Counter de bhai.


35. Tension mat le.


36. Gym nahi jayega, haramkhor?


37. When you are waiting for your friend to open the door.


38. Chodh dunga Infosys. Nahi hoga mere se.


39. Abhi tu pay kar de. Next time pakka mein karunga.


40. If these dialogues reminded you of your closest friend, wouldn’t you & your #No1Yaari like to meet Chris Gayle and Dhoni? Check this out:

You don’t need a special day to celebrate friendship and share a hug with your friends, do you? So the next time you and your best buddy decide to rock n roll, party hard but responsibly.

Cheers to Yaari. Cheers to friendship!

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The story 40 Classic Dialogues That Define The ‘Yaari’ In Every Indian Friendship appeared first on StoryPick.