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21 Tips That You Can Use To Click Excellent Selfies

21 Tips That You Can Use To Click Excellent Selfies

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Selfies are so not my thing.

I end up looking like a deranged witch every time I try taking a selfie. Although I recently realized that taking a selfie also needs some kind of a maneuver and effort. And I’d be more than happy to share it with you guys!

Here are a few tips and tricks to click amazingly beautiful pictures of yourself! After all, self-love is the best kind of love. 😉

1. Choose the perfect angle.

The perfect angle gives the perfect leverage over controlling your background and controlling how you look in the picture.


2. Hold your phone slightly above your head.

This angle is best for taking amazing selfies. It showcases your face in the best possible way.


3. Choose the perfect lighting. Preferably natural.

Lighting is crucial in any photograph. It does in selfies as well. Natural lighting gives off an aura of naturalness in your selfies and they don’t look too made up.


4. Click your side face for a change.

Give your side face a chance. It’s as beautiful as the rest of you. :)


5. Look down and angle your face to the side.

It’s one of the most demure and beautiful of poses and if you have shadows in the background, this one plays off splendidly. Girls, it also brings out all the effort you put in your makeup.


6. Take a close up if you are okay with it.

Close ups are okay if you are not too insecure about the way your complexion is. Confidence is the key.


7. Keep your elbows close to your body while taking a full body shot.

Keeping your elbows to your sides makes you look slimmer in your pictures.


8. Rely on the rule of thirds.

Stay in one corner, left or right of the background. That brings out your presence in the picture.


9. Try taking a picture horizontally instead of vertically.

Gives you a wider range and also allows you to include more background in the picture.


10. Take a two-handed selfie for better range and stability.

This one also allows you a larger canvas to capture yourself.


11. Find your signature pose.

Strike your favorite pose. That’ll make you look more confident ergo more stunning!


12. Extend your neck forward.

Extending your neck forward gives your face a sense of slimness and contours it naturally.


13. Take the cover of your phone off.

Try it. You’ll notice you have more stability and hold over your phone than with the cover on.


14. Be aware of the background of the photo.

The background of your selfie is absolutely necessary to be taken care, You may have seen a lot of selfies on the internet who turn into memes because of the poor person’s bad background selection. Don’t let it happen to you.


15. Use a black and white filter to get rid of any distracting background.

A Sepia or Grey background gets rid of all the attention diverting things in your background and highlights you.


16. Group selfies work the best!

The more, the merrier. 😀


17. Don’t be too shy to use editing softwares. Use all kinds of them that are available.

They are a super duper great help in editing your photos and making them even more pretty!


18. You can use all kinds of gadgets that are made specifically for selfies.

Technology is the name of constant betterment. 😀


19. Be unpredictable, do something interesting with every selfie.

Do something fun in your selfies. Create your own style and brand. Then, see how your Instagram followers skyrocket!


20. Use a self-timer.

Using a self-timer is an age old concept. Which has also crept into the world of selfies. It gives you time to decide your pose and is amazing for group shots.


21. Make funny faces. Be silly and just have fun. 😀

Be your silly self and just have fun. Don’t take it too seriously.

Go ahead, take some selfies!

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The story 21 Tips That You Can Use To Click Excellent Selfies appeared first on StoryPick.