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2 Ways to Wear Dutch Braid Pigtails with Extensions

2 Ways to Wear Dutch Braid Pigtails with Extensions

i’ll be releasing a tutorial on this makeup look later this month!

i was like super fucking messy dyeing these extensions they look so bad on cam HAHA it’s ok they’re good enough for my lazy ass
if you’re interested in seeing what products i used to dye them i already did a video dyeing my actual hair here

i used the same products to dye my extensions except i ran out of the n rage purple plum dye so they turned out red instead LOL oops

also i mentioned in my last video that i was going to upload the first episode of my new series called cosplay diary, where i vlogged making my ragnarok online hunter class costume but i decided to hold onto the footage for a while longer. there’s a few more things i want to record for that video before it goes up, and i decided that i want to spend more time improving my videos with more care rather than upload frequently for the sake of a schedule. this also applies to my videos as a whole, so my uploading schedule will be a little less frequent. thanks for being patient with me!

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white blond (D613A) extensions in 14 inches and 170 grams
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ultra CHI pinkfetti 1″ iron

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