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15 Worthless Pieces Of Advice You’ll Hear From Everyone In Your 20s

15 Worthless Pieces Of Advice You’ll Hear From Everyone In Your 20s

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Everybody has something to say because giving someone advice is easy. Applying it to themselves is hard.

Directing people to a certain direction is a work of responsibility a lot of people take lightly. They just ramble away with something random on any topic irrespective of whether thy have gone through them or not. Or have any knowledge of it whatsoever.

Here are a few terrible, terrible pieces of advice that you may have or are getting especially in your 20s that you should definitely steer clear off.

1. Just snap out of it and be happy.

This is something you keep hearing from everyone who sees you in thought. Just because I am thinking about something seriously does not mean I’m sad, does it? Also, the question goes much deeper than that. When it comes to depression, you just cannot snap out of it and be happy. Someone who is giving you this advice, should take care of the feelings of the person they are giving this advice to.


2. Don’t think about the what ifs.

Asking “What ifs” is the trait of a person who asks questions. A person who thinks in every angle possible. That’s something everybody should admire, instead of shutting down.


3. Forget about the past.

The correct advice should be, learn from your past. Forgetting the past is just cleaning the slate with nothing of the past, even the good things remain. Learning, on the other hand, allows us to decide what would be good for us in the future and help us make better choices.


4. Money isn’t important.

Money is important. Although some things might be above money, but to accomplish them, you need money.


5. Leave your job if you’re not passionate about it.

Do not leave your job. At least not until you know what you are going to do and you have at least passed a few stepping stones. Not unless you know the next stone is within your reach. Otherwise, it’s a trap to drown you.


6. If you want a job, go to Mumbai or some big city.

Anyone who is telling you this, do not listen to them. Take their advice only in light consideration. You find gold in the most unsuspected places.


7. Don’t worry about work tomorrow, have this last drink.

They don’t know what they are talking about. That’s it.


8. Never express your emotions at work.

Doing so, will only hinder your work relationships and make you unapproachable. You shouldn’t and cannot hide away from everyone. For you to be relatable and work with your peers, they need to know what kind of person you are, albeit in moderation.


9. Why aren’t you on {insert social media site}? You need to be on it!

There’s no reason until some place attracts you, you go there. The same is for social media. There are your preferences and other people’s preferences. They don’t need to necessarily match.


10. Don’t worry about the rent, the place should be nice.

Worry about the rent. You don’t get all the money in the world. Rents are where a major part of your income goes. A better advice is to decide on a budget and look for the nicest you can get in it.


11. Learning how to cook is overrated.

Cooking is an art everybody should have some expertise at. Be it cooking Maggi, to cooking biryani, you should try your hand at it. Cooking is a survival skill.


12. Love means never having to say sorry.

Clearly this person has never been in love or in a relationship for that matter.


13. Don’t be too available when you are dating/Play hard to get.

A golden rule, never take a friend’s dating advice.


14. Everyone deserves a second chance.

No. Not everyone deserves a second chance. People don’t change like that. Plus, if you keep giving them chances, they’ll never mend their ways.


15. Don’t ever change.

You never stop changing. You keep changing, evolving, learning with every experience you get. And mostly for the best. :)

Did you get one of these, shitty advice too?

Let us know in the comment section.
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The story 15 Worthless Pieces Of Advice You’ll Hear From Everyone In Your 20s appeared first on StoryPick.