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12 Reasons Why Every Traveler Must Definitely Visit Japan

12 Reasons Why Every Traveler Must Definitely Visit Japan

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Known to the world as “Nippon” or, more commonly as “the land of the rising Sun”, Japan has ample number of reasons to celebrate its uniqueness. Be it its trains that at times get so crowded that special attendants have to cram the passengers in or, the great pet dog Hachiko (one of the best living beings to have ever lived); Japan is a country of complete awesomeness.

A proper balance of technology, nature, fun, traditions, and a little bit of weirdness, must be maintained for a satisfying living and Japan, is undoubtedly that perfect blend.

Here is the list of amazing things that you will find only in Nippon!

1. It is a place where ‘crooked teeth’ are a trend!

It is not uncommon for the fashion conscious youth of Japan to spend great sums of money on getting their teeth set in a crooked fashion, or as Japanese call it, “yaeba”! So if in your part of the world people say that your uneven teeth are not exactly the best feature of yours then to hell with them! Pack your bags and shift to Japan and see your worst transform into your best.

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2. You can enjoy noodles just how they are meant to be enjoyed, that is, by slurping it all up!

Making noises while eating is a behavioural trait considered bad in the ever-fattening book of manners. However, in Japan, the country where people are known for their warmth and good manners, making noises while slurping the food is considered a good gesture. It shows that the food is being enjoyed and appreciated. :)

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3. You will get to enjoy two Valentine’s Day In Japan!

No, it is not what you are thinking. Technically, there is only one Valentine’s Day for Japan also. But, there is one more day on which couples have a gala romantic time. This day is all about KFC dinners, strawberry shortcakes, and of course lots of me-and-you time. Oh I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that this day falls on 25th December, traditionally known as Christmas Day world over (including in Japan)?

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4. It is all natural

About 70% of the country has mountains, an approximate 6,852 islands and more than 75% of world’s volcanoes! With a topography as overwhelmingly crazy as this, it should not come as a shock when I say the country experiences about 1500 earthquakes every year!

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5. Younger sumo wrestlers bathe the senior wrestlers

And yes, bathing them also includes washing the hard to reach and, hard to like places! Live in a country with a little weirdness, why not?

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6. The act of tipping is not appreciated in Japan!

Because in Japan, the act of tipping is considered rude and not, considerate. Making noises while eating and not tipping- A win-win situation for those who love to eat out.

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7. You can sleep with strange women. Sleep, only SLEEP.

In Tokyo, Soine-ya (sleep together shop) was recently opened with the motive of allowing male customers to sleep next to a girl on payment of certain fee amount. This unique-at-its-best hug cafe does not accept any sexual requests whatsoever. Instead, men can avail certain extra options such as “staring at each other for a minute” (¥1,000) and “stroking the girl’s hair for three minutes” (¥1,000).

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8. You can find vending machines in most bizarre of locations

Be it beside some ancient temple or at the summit of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, Japanese sure understand that anything can come in handy anywhere. Moreover, from eggs to underwear, these machines can help you with anything at all.

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9. Uncooked horse meat (Basashi) is a popular delicacy in Japan

So for lovers of all kinds of meat, this is the place to be.

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10.It has the spooky Aokigahara forest

Allegedly the second most popular place for suicides in the world after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Aokigahara forest, rests at the base of Mount Fuji. The suicide rate in this forest is so damn high that an annual body hunt is conducted by the volunteers, police and attendant journalists, in the forest!

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11. In Japan, napping employee = hard working employee

In Japanese business culture, the hard working employees are recognized and, allowed to nap within office hours. It makes the employee come across as this hard working guy who gets little time to sleep at home and hence, has to engage in Inemuri (sleeping while at work). Funnily enough, unwritten rules like sleeping only in an upright position apply for Inemuri, perhaps to make employees seem socially active/engaged even while they doze off.

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12. Where else can you get to enjoy cherry blossom season in such vividness!

In Japan, cherry blossom (sakura) blooming season is at its peak around the beginning of April.  This month commences the season of newness in Japanese culture. New school year starts for school kids, new business ventures are taken up, graduates start to work and every possible firsts in the life of Japanese take a head from this month on.

A festival called Hanami is dedicated to celebrate the new beginnings and vividness of cherry blossoms in Japan. This festival lasts for as long as the cherry blossoms bloom at their best, which is mainly from the end of March to early May. It is also celebrated around the first of February.

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It is a country where you can commute in most advanced of trains, only to reach home and sit down on floor to celebrate dinner with family in all cheerfulness. It gives you the awesome experiences of high-end technology while keeping its simple traditional lifestyle intact; who would not want to enjoy this perfect blend?

What do you think?

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