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12 Characters From International TV Series Who Make Your Time Worth Its While

12 Characters From International TV Series Who Make Your Time Worth Its While


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We all know what Indian television is showing these days. Uncountable soap operas whose title will be a borrowed punchline from a latest Bollywood song, or several reality shows which will have people abusing and physicaly asaulting each other. Then there are talent shows in which celebrities are dancing to be judged by more celebrities. So much for creativity!

Our only resort to enjoy some quality entertainment is international television. It is crisp, funny, sassy and extremely absorbing. The scale on which it is produced and executed makes you gape in wonder. ‘Can television go this big?’ is all we are left thinking. But my favourite part about these TV series is their character development and dynamics. Yes, you start liking the show, but you fall in love with some characters.

This article is dedicated to those path breaking characters who make the show what it is. Being a lead character is not so easy. It’s hard to nail your task each and every time knowing that the show is dependent on your performance. Some of the characters in the list are not even the leads, yet they managed to make that lasting impression on your mind.

So, let’s begin!

1. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock (BBC)

“I am not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath.”

It’s impossible to not fall in love him. Benedict Cumberbatch has done more than justice to this evergreen and unparalleled character. The British crime drama is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories and it is one of the best adaptations I have seen. Sherlock is smart, a bit cheeky, attractive (oh my God) and supernaturally intelligent. Not for a moment will you think that the character is over or underplayed. The undying drive he induces throughout the episode is enough to captivate you.

Even though you have to wait for 2 years for another series to come, your love doesn’t agree to fade out one bit.


2. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”

The ladies man always spruced up in an impeccable suit, doesn’t need much time to win you over. He was the first thing that caught your attention when you watched the show for the first time and he still is. You cannot get enough Barney Stinson even if you binge watch the show for ten hours straight. His witty one-liners, sassy catch phrases, smouldering looks and impressive monologues are just a few of the many fantastic qualities he has. Neil Patrick Harris, you spoiled all men in suit for me.


3. Tyrion Lannister – Game Of Thrones

“Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.”

This was a tough call since most of the characters in this series are groundbreaking. But, that is exactly why I picked Tyrion. Despite being surrounded by brilliant actors and even more brilliant characters, he manages to stand out. The character is so interesting and has a unique appeal that doesn’t fail to charm anyone. He is not a typical ‘good guy’, and that is one of the best qualities he has. His confidence, his wit and the way he can intimidate any damn person in the room.

Game Of Thrones is the biggest thing that has happened on World Television. Peter Dinklage has made it even bigger!


4. Samantha Jones – Sex and the City

“I am a tri-sexual. I’ll try anything once.”

She is not the lead, but let’s admit it, she owns the show. She is not ashamed of who she is and not afraid of what she wants to achieve. She can hypnotize any man on this planet by her charm and sex appeal and she can talk anyone into doing anything. She is extremely smart and knows how to handle any situation that goes out of hand. She might be promiscuous, but she doesn’t lack integrity. Kim Cattrall, we will always love you for giving us, Samantha!


5. Walter White – Breaking Bad

“Nobody fucks with a blowfish!”

A gentle, submissive science educator Walter White was compelled to settle on the choice of his life and never think back when he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Setting off to the dark side along with ex-student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walter decided to make and sell top-grade meth to pay doctor’s bill and help family, and murder any gang member/drug dealer/blockhead who dared to come in the way of his and Jesse’s blue stuff. Through Bryan Cranston’s often heartbreaking portrayal of ailing Walter and his meth-making alter-ego Heisenberg, Walter White’s transformation is one of the most astounding in TV history.


6. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

“Don’t you think if I were wrong, I’d know it?”

The genius mastermind is like someone you have never seen before. The character makes you wonder one thing every time he says something stupid: ‘he is actually right!’ He is like what a human mind would have been like if it was deprived of any and every worldly attachment. He has his moments of cuteness and not to mention, his journey of falling in love. His one-liners and a fresh and alien perspective of looking at things make him the interesting character he is. Jim Parsons, you have no idea how privileged we are to see you act!


7. Harvey Specter – Suits

“The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

You can’t stop looking at him while he is on screen. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he smiles, the way he gets out of his car and wears his shades; everything oozes swag! He is one hell of a lawyer (obviously) but he is the ultimate man. He is ethical, knows how to do his job and is not condescending. He brags a bit, but he is too awesome so we’ll give him that. Gabriel Macht, you are doing it right!


8. Dr. Cristina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy

“Screw beautiful. I am brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain,”

The ice queen of Shondaland, Christina Yang isn’t your regular pretty lass. A super efficient genius she is the only one who could have saved Derek even when she was at gunpoint. As a Grey fan, you might have bid her a teary (oh the cascade of tears!) goodbye but TBH Grey never remained the same. You sometimes wonder if the show revolved around the twisted sisters. (Cue dialogue: you are my person, you will always be my person.)

Her love life might not be successful but then, you can’t blame her. After all, even though she is a tough nut outside, she’s an adorable aunt to Zozo and the best friend one can have. She was the epitome of an ambitious and intelligent woman. Sometimes we wish we had her around to help us see through our murky sadness and dance our problems out with us.


9. Francis Underwood – House of Cards

“If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.”

Kevin Spacey, known for his comic roles, enthralls you from the first frame. Gone is his comic timing. Welcome, his poisonous charm. Slowly, you forget Kevin Spacey and even your own reality. All that exists is Frank Underwood and his world. You can’t hate him, even though you despise his ruthlessness. However, you cherish the (very rare) moments of humaneness as they substantiate your right to like him.

Whenever he talks directly into the camera, it is as if you are in a closely knit joke and his relationship with his wife and understanding of human nature is nothing short of admirable (imagine your man saying for you, “I love her more than sharks love blood”). He teaches you the importance of understanding power and how to exercise it. After all, your friends make the worst enemies, don’t they? Not a single frame shows him dressed less than a gentleman he is, even in his undershirts. House of Cards is politics’ underbelly made glamorous by Francis Underwood.


10. Dr. Gregory House – House

“I take risks, sometimes patients die. But not taking risks causes more patients to die, so I guess my biggest problem is I’ve been cursed with the ability to do the math.”

Gregory House is not your regular go-to doctor. But we still wish we had the chance to make him muddle over us. You laugh over his multiple one-liners, but secretly, you wish they are never directed at you. Truth be spoken, he gets on to your nerves too (cue: the dramatic rolling of eyes) but then, what’s love if not some real patience tests at time. Many have drawn a comparison with the modern day Sherlock just in a different setting, but Hugh Laurie just makes it so diversely different.

It all starts with the medical drama, but somewhere in between, his pain and concerns become your pains and concerns and my oh my, pain is omnipresent (Cue: Pop a vicodin). Dr. House makes medicine as complex and as excruciating as war, but it all lies in a simple fold. There are many layers, and multiple truths, after all, “everybody lies”.


11. Chandler Bing – Friends

“I’m not great with advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

We love all six of them and it is difficult to pick one out of the bunch of such awesome characters. But, when I sat trying to imagine the show without each one of them individually (and it was very painful), I just couldn’t picture anything without Chandler. The story and the romantic ups and downs of the show are very engaging, but it’s his wit and humour that maintains the pace and doesn’t let you get bored of anything. Matthew Perry made Chandler Bing! I don’t think he needs to do anything now.


12. Will McAvoy – The Newsroom

“I am going to fix the internet single handedly.”

Setting new goals for all the aspiring journalists, Will McAvoy can make anything happen on air. He has the answer for everything and he knows how to speak it so that it gets right in your head. He doesn’t tolerate bullshit, and won’t excuse you if you fuck up. But, if you are honest and 100% to journalism, he will happily give his life away to save your ass.

He is the go-to man if anything goes wrong and believes in doing news which needs to be heard. His backbone and his wife, MacKenzie McHale, is a strong reason of his success and news delivery, but his execution is unbeatable.

There was too much awesomeness one after the other, and I’m sure you are very overwhelmed right now.
Take a break and drink some water. Till next time…

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The story 12 Characters From International TV Series Who Make Your Time Worth Its While appeared first on StoryPick.