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11 Underrated Indian Short Films That You Should Definitely Watch

11 Underrated Indian Short Films That You Should Definitely Watch

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“A good short story crosses the borders of our nations and our prejudices and our beliefs. A good short story asks a question that can’t be answered in simple terms. And even if we come up with some understanding, years later, while glancing out of a window, the story still has the potential to return, to alter right there in our mind and change everything.” ― Walter Mosley


Short films have the similar impact. They are crisp, and if directed brilliantly, they leave a lasting impact on your mind. Sadly, a major part of Indian population is more inclined towards feature films. Hence, the brilliant work of some excellent filmmakers gets ignored. Indian cinema has become so commercialized, that you might have missed some excellent short films unintentionally.

So, here are 11 underrated short films that you HAVE to watch.

1. Positive (By Farhan Akhtar)

The story of a boy who used to think that his family is perfect, until he saw his father cheating on his mother, that too when he was little. As he grew up, the tension rose and he left for Cape Town to escape the chaos. Later, when he found out that his father is HIV positive, he struggled to make peace with him during the last few days of his life.


2. Little Terrorist (By Ashvin Kumar)

A little boy crosses onto India from Pakistan to find his cricket ball. He is forced to hide out and is concealed by a Hindu father and daughter. But, as the guards look for the kid, the father and daughter’s deep-rooted prejudice is harder to disguise. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005.


3. Bypass (By Amit Kumar)

Two Rajasthani thugs, who loiter around highway to loot and kill any passerby get arrested after one of their most successful theft. But, the police officer turned out to be a crook too and took all their money. But how far they can keep outdoing competition in a land full of muggers?


4. Uss Din (By Vikram Gupta)

Childhood is innocent and doesn’t understand any kind of prejudice. Two kids, who are very good friends, thrive to keep their bat ball game alive when their family’s hostility towards each other leads to a destruction.


5. Satisfied? (By Aliakbar Campwala)

The modern day Mumbai at its best showing the evolution of people and their relationship is portrayed brilliantly in this film. A young girl, Anna, who is involved in telephone sex asks help from a local Bhai, and it all ties together in the end.


6. Printed Rainbow (By Gitanjali Rao)

A lonely woman, who lives with her cat, dreams of an exotic Indian adventure when prompted by the pictures on tiny matchboxes. The film switches between drab and vivid colours in a very beautiful and touching way.


7. Last Train To Mahakali (By Anurag Kashyap)

A doctor on a death row who claims to have discovered a permanent cure for any virus-based disease gets interviewed by an inquisitive journalist and then the story of his discovery eventually unfolds.


8. Hostel (By FTII)

A film allegedly based on a true story is about an uptight girl of a medical college who finds it difficult to adjust in a not-so-classy hostel. Her attitude and rude behaviour piss her batchmates and seniors off and they decide to take revenge. They lock her in a room with a cut body part stolen from the lab. What they see when they open the door is traumatising.


9. Migration (By Mira Nair)

The film on AIDS awareness shows the story of two couples whose life is not very sexually active. One because of the proximity and the other because of a different sexual orientation. The way message unfolds is quite interesting.


10. Bombay Mirror (By Shlok Sharma)

This one is my favourite from the lot. This powerful movie holds the capability to change your life in 3 minutes. The story very aptly conveys that how anyone can go from secular to communal in a matter of seconds. It’s a must watch.


11. Tubelight ka Chaand (By Shlok Sharma)

Another brilliant piece by Shlok Sharma which is about a story of a boy from the streets of Kolkata, who falls in love with the moon one day. His attempts to woo her will keep you hooked all the while.

Hope you liked these.
Until next time… :)

The story 11 Underrated Indian Short Films That You Should Definitely Watch appeared first on StoryPick.