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11 Things Couples In Long-Distance Relationships Can Do To Beat The Distance

11 Things Couples In Long-Distance Relationships Can Do To Beat The Distance

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Long-distance relationships are hard. It seems practically impossible to live with, however, the ones who are living it day and night have something different to say.

They are definitely different in million ways, but the challenge is the real deal. Isn’t love about giving more than what you are capable of? Isn’t love about holding on to something so tight that you’d never let it go? As they say, some things are just worth melting for, LDRs are the same kind. They are different and beautiful in their own ways. Here’s what couples in a long-distance relationship can do to make their love life more happening. Go ahead, try them;

1. Handwritten letters – The beauty of words

It may sound a little old-school, but you really wouldn’t know the beauty of writing letters, unless you start writing them. A handwritten letter is a lost art these days and no one really does that anymore, but it is indeed one the most blissful gesture. A handwritten letter holds the worth of a million WhatsApp text, facebook messages, midnight calls and everything. You can always look back and cherish the days. Write one today.


2. Applications- Going off the mainstream

Of course, we all use WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messengers to keep in touch but in today’s world where we have more options than we can count on our fingers, people in long-distance really have an edge. There are applications out there that lets you share your wishes, life goals, shared tasks for the day, customized chat options etc. This not only separates the couple from the world’s disturbance, but makes their love exclusive.


3. Grow plants- Blooming love

Many people are likely to not relate with this, but it is a very effective trick. The moment your love takes birth, you both can buy a plant, name it, and let it flourish in the name of your love. You won’t believe the kind of happiness it will give you every morning when you’d see a flower bloom or a leaf turn absolutely green. There may be dark days, but it will always assure that something better is yet to come. Let it grow with your love.


4. A common email- For the safe keeping of your memories

As much as you love your partner, you need to respect their personal space too. Keeping that in mind, now that you two can’t share your emails, you should definitely create a common email where you can share your lives. Images, letters, schedules and especially a journal which will help you in reviving your love every day.


5. Read a book together- Some tales are worth sharing

Now this one is extremely brilliant. Reading a book is anyway one of the most aesthetically soulful things people do. Even if you don’t like reading, the chase of having your partner reading it at the same time as you are will build a special bond between you two. Imagine turning same pages at the same time, going through same emotions and characters. You can discuss it later too, and reconnect magnificently.


6. Listen to music together- A bond so strong

People usually connect the most with the kind of music they listen to. It’s an expression which is really worth a thousand words. Having your partner listen to your favorite music will express your feelings more than you’d ever imagine. Make a playlist and listen to it together while you run your daily errands.


7. Email time capsule- Some love for the future

Write emails to be sent in the future. There are many websites out there that lets you write messages and emails which will be sent in future. You can write what you are feeling now or how you felt when you first met and express yourself descriptively, only to have them read later in their life; at some point when bygones will be a fading tale. (Too bad if you’ve broken up by then, sorry )


8. Note in a diary- List of things you want to do for your love

You know how little things matter in life the most? The little gestures that make people overwhelmed entails the serenity of life. You know how your partner say little things about their dreams, future plans and the nuances of life? Well, write them and save it for a bigger day. Just note the little things and make sure you give it to them when they expect it the least.


9. Send your scent- Blissful fragrance

I am sure a lot of you will love it. Don’t you all girls wear the shirts that you gift your boyfriend and leave your scent on it? Well, it is a rather beautiful gesture. You can have small postcards, wrapped up in an envelope, wearing your scent. Your partner, miles away from you, will be able to smell the fragrance. Try it?


10. Personal cryptogram – Quick love quiz

What looks like too difficult to decode, could really be your newly found coolest way to share the love. A cryptogram is a type of puzzle which consists of a short piece of text encrypted with a simple substitution cipher in which each letter is replaced by a different letter or number. To solve the puzzle, one must recover the original lettering.” Have fun.


11. Save the nice texts – A memory from the past

You know those text messages that make your day? The ones that are so lovely, sweet and overwhelming that makes you want to love them even more. You often think of saving them because you think you have them, but you really don’t. Once they roll back over another thousand new messages you share, you will never go back to them. Save them, take a screenshot and keep a record. You will just adore those good words, almost always.

Because, every love story is beautiful.

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The post 11 Things Couples In Long-Distance Relationships Can Do To Beat The Distance appeared first on StoryPick.