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11 Road Trips In India Every Traveller Must Take At Least Once In Their Lifetime

11 Road Trips In India Every Traveller Must Take At Least Once In Their Lifetime

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Give yourself a break from the daily monotony! Feed fuel to your car, let Rihanna sing “Shut up and drive” to you and get rolling on these amazing roads in India. These road trips, are a must experience for those who are looking forward to experience a memorable time with their friends, and also for those who are stuck within walls but have their minds wandering to places only their imagination can cook up.

Following are some for the best road trips in India that will de-stress you, soothe your soul and eyes, and re-introduce you to yourself!

So get going.

1. Manali to Leh Highway

No matter what adjectives you use, words can never perfectly describe the beauty of snow clad mountains that north India has to offer. This particular highway offers one of the best road trip experiences. It has been designed, built and is maintained Border Roads Organization of the Indian army.

Running a total length of approx 490 km, the highway passes by some of the world’s highest mountain passes including Rohtang La (13, 051 ft), Baralcha La (16,050 ft), Lachulung La (16,598 ft) and Taglang La (17,480 ft).

What’s important to note here is that the highway remains open for about 4 and half months a year. During summers, between May and June when the snow is cleared from the roads, and mid-October when snowfall blocks the mountain passes.

Distance- 490 km (approx)
Time- 13 h 52 min (approx)

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2. Jaipur to Ranthambore

The highway connecting Pink City to the home of tigers surprises you with vivid mustard fields and empty stretches. In addition to the beauty factor, the road runs by small villages and has dhabas offering Rajasthani cuisine. A complete Rajasthani experience can be lived in this single road trip!

A tip- Take the Tonk route to Ranthambore and devour some yummy dal baati in the dhabas of Tonk. Also, visit Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary on the way and who knows, you might get to say hello to a tiger there!

Distance- 180 km (approx)
Travel time- 4 hours (approx)

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3. Bengaluru to Nandi hills

This one is my personal favourite! For best of experience, leave from Bengaluru at wee hours of the morning so you can catch the majestic view of the sunrise (which can be seen approximately at 6:08 am) from Nandi hills. Somewhere at the beginning of the route, you will find vineyards and grape sellers enthusiastically running towards your car carrying extremely tempting looking grapes. The elevation is smooth, the hairpin bends are interesting, and the sight of joggers and cyclists riding through the path will fill your heart with utter glee.

Once at the top, the weirdly built tree houses will definitely be the second highlight of your entire experience after the breathtaking view of the Sun rising above the thick sheet of clouds.

A tip- Beware of monkeys and check out Devanahalli Fort.

Distance- 61 km (approx)
Travel time- 1.5 h (approx)

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4. Ahmedabad to Kutch

It is the vibrance of locals that add the glitz to the otherwise barren and strangely white lands of Kutch. The Great Rann of Kutch (a seasonal salt marsh), Wild Ass Sanctuary, and the gorgeous local handicrafts are the key features of this seemingly otherworldly land. Take a road trip from Ahmedabad and let the smooth ride through this strange beauty surprise you.

Distance- 400 km (approx)
Travel time- 6 h 40 min (approx)

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5. Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Mumbaikars and Punekars are utterly blessed with Lonavla on their side. A road trip away from the bustling cities to Lonavla through Mumbai-Pune Expressway is the perfect getaway for the neighbours. The surroundings here are too picturesque to ignore. Introduce yourself to the pleasant weather, thick foliage and the vast expanse of vivid green on the hills, and your anxiety will meet its death here.

Aside from the beauty part, did you know this expressway is India’s first high speed-6 lane-concrete-tolled-access controlled highway?

A tip- Check out for Sunny da dhaba on the stretch!

Distance- 93 km (approx)
Travel time- 1 h 46 min (approx)


6. Mumbai to Goa via NH 17

Thanks to Dil Chahta Hai for giving this route the essence of enthusiasm that its beauty truly deserves. NH 17 is a super smooth and beautiful highway that keeps you feeling happy, motivated, enthusiastic and in utter anticipation of the fun that lies ahead. This route is a bit longer than NH 4 route but nevertheless heavy on scenery and adventure side.

Distance- 600.2 km (approx)
Travel time- 10 h (approx)

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7. Bengaluru to Munnar

The route from Silicon Valley of India to the city famous for its tea plantation is picturesque and green at its best! Roll through the hairpin bends and mostly easy roads (except for the ghat section) and let the Western Ghats bless your soul. And for the hunger pangs, there are many eateries on the way offering treats for your taste buds.

Note- For most cellular companies, you won’t find any network coverage on this route until you reach Munnar. But disconnecting and getting lost in nature for a bit is not entirely a bad idea, is it?

Distance- 476 km (approx)
Travel time- 10 h (approx)

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8. Guwahati to Tawang

The best of holiday experience can be garnered from this road trip alone. From Buddhist culture to Yak cheese, from peaks wearing the thick veil of snow to Indian Army camp, this road trip will kill the toxicity brewing inside you and fill you with glee and the spirit of an adventurous. The roads are in an optimal condition and there’s so much to see on the way that the bikers don’t get exhausted but stay refreshed throughout.

Plus, the yummy momos, hot tea, and maggie joints on the way are cherries on top!

Distance- 488 km (varies depending on the route you take)
Travel time- 7 h 16 min (approx)

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9. Shillong to Cherapunji

The route connecting these two beauties on Earth has to be beautiful. NH 44 will give you the best of visual treats. The sight of pristine waters of the Barapani lake and the green in the vicinity will surely leave you spellbound.

Distance- 53.7 km (approx)
Travel time- 1 h 22 min (approx)

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10. Puri to Konark

Yes, it is just as it looks in the picture above. NH 203 should definitely be on the list of must-visit beautiful roads for photographers. Driving through smooth roads shadowed by the canopy formed by trees on the either sides of the road is a sight of which dreams are made!

Distance- 97 km (approx)
Travel time- A little over an hour (approx)


11. Old silk route

Once a popular trade route, it is one of the most notable roads with deep historic reference. The route is located in the district of Sikkim, along the China border. The key beauty feature of the route besides the many breathtaking landscapes is Mt. Kanchandzongha. There are also many sightseeing trips and treks organized around the Silk route circuit.

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GET. SET. GO…already!

The story 11 Road Trips In India Every Traveller Must Take At Least Once In Their Lifetime appeared first on StoryPick.