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11 Harmful Ways Your Bra Affects Your Health

11 Harmful Ways Your Bra Affects Your Health

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We. Hate. Bras.

They are uncomfortable and are constant reminders of being utterly helpless we are in front of them. But you know, they are doing more than that. They are more evil than we think they are.

Here are a few way they’re affecting your health and you’re utterly clueless about it.

1. The majority of women wear the wrong size of bra

Brands are tricky. And sizes of bras differ from brand to brand. So there is really no one size you can wear. Also, your boob size fluctuates too. So, there is no one way of knowing what bra suits you.

What you can do is measuring your size yourselves every time before you buy a bra. That way you can avoid buying the wrong size at least on your end.

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2. Bras can cause chronic pain in your neck, shoulders and back

Busting the myth that the cups of your bra offer you support, it’s actually the straps and the back of your bra that take up the work. If the bra is ill fitting, you may suffer from chronic back pain and a pinched nerve in the neck.

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3. Bras can affect the lymphatic system

In a study conducted in Bristol University, bras are seen to have affected the lymphatic nerve system which functions to take out the toxins in our body out. The toxins if not thrown out, can lodge into the mammary glands, giving rise to cancer.

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4. An ill-fitting bra puts stress on your bones and muscles causing breathing problems

Oh. You have already experienced it. But know what? It can become chronic.

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5. Tight fitting bras can affect digestion

Tight fitting fashion bras put more pressure on the diaphragm which can affect the process of digestion.

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6. They can also cause lesions and rashes on your skin

Not new to you right? Yes. But the thing is that these can give rise to fungal infections if you’re into wearing your bras for the larger part of your day.

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7. They can cause mammary gland tissue damage due to constant push of the bra towards inside

Due to being constantly pushed towards the rib cage, the breasts can be internally injured.

What you can do is reduce how many hours you wear your bra.

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8. Bras can cause heartburns

Tight bras yo. Specifically, if they are underwired. They’ll take this revenge on you. So, choose your size wisely.

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9. Sleeping while wearing bras does not keep your boobs in shape.

Well, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it’s highly advised that you sleep without your undergarments on. Let them free yo!

If you are habitual and still feel weird not wearing a bra while sleeping, you can go for a bralette which is not exactly a bra but gives you enough feeling of not being too free.

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10. Bras can actually make your breast sag.

Well, there’s no specific proof, but experts say that they affect the way your boobs are, conditioning them to require support all the time. They say it’s better you don’t wear bras longer than 12 hours.

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11. The longer you wear them, the higher are the odds of breast cancer.

In recent years, we have seen an unexpected rise in the rate of breast cancer in India. A French study says that wearing bras for too long (most of us wear them all round the clock) can increase the odds for breast cancer.

Be aware ladies. Take care of yourself. Visit your doctor and talk about it before it’s too late. :)

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I hope these have been of some help to you.

Till then, stay healthy. :)

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The story 11 Harmful Ways Your Bra Affects Your Health appeared first on StoryPick.