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10 Modern Mysteries That Will Leave You Wondering, A Lot!

10 Modern Mysteries That Will Leave You Wondering, A Lot!


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How could the man not die after getting smashed by a series of fast cars?…is something that all curious minds want the answer for! But the physically impossible scenes in Bollywood are the fake mysteries we don’t really give a damn once we walk out of the theatres.

And especially not when there are extremely bizarre mysteries in real life.

These 10 mentioned below are sure to get you wondering. Wondering, but, in vain.

10. The Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry- The Real-life Hogwarts (or the real-life brewing pot of mysteries)

This weird college of witchcraft is actually a role-playing event that runs for four days, in Czocha Castle, Poland. They are not exactly following J. K. Rowling’s footsteps but the fact that they wear robes and learn actual magic spells, makes this college (or as per what they say, the Live Action Role Playing event), eerily similar to the fictional Hogwarts.
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9. Atuk- The killer movie that never got made!

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This movie (an adapted screenplay of the novel The Incomparable Atuk) is a little known mysterious killer that has not reached the development stage for decades now. And the reason is definitely not the inability to find a perfect star cast or dearth of finances, but the fact that all those who were set to act in the movie fell victims to untimely deaths.

The series of mysterious deaths started with John Belushi, who died of drug overdose in 1982, a couple of years after he said yes to playing the lead, Atuk. But his death was not so mysterious until…

  • Sam Kinison, the stand-up comedian who was offered the role after John Belushi’s untimely demise, died as a result of a head-on collision with a drunk driver, at age 38.
  • Lovable lug John Candy was considered for the role, until, of course, he too died as a result of a heart attack at age 43.
  • Lunatic SNL star Chris Farley, the fourth probable contender for the role, also succumbed to death due to a drug overdose at age 33, the same way how his idol, Belushi died.

And it was not just these actors! The movie did not leave even those who merely read the script. The two notable deaths in such case were of the Saturday Night Live writer Michael O’Donoghue, and actor Phil Hartman.
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8. A seal was found on a farmer’s field, several miles away from the water

These adorable creatures love spending time in the water, which is why, the discovery of a seal as much as 20 miles away from the water, on a farmer’s field, was downright shocking. But what is even more intriguing is; how did it manage to stay alive for so long without water? Or how did it even manage to travel such a long distance in the first place?!

This unusual sight was spotted in 2014, in the rural Merseyside, in northwest England.
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7. A woman’s blindness cured after she banged her head on a table!

A New Zealand woman, Lisa Reed, lost her eyesight at age 11 as a result of a brain tumor putting pressure on her cranial nerve. However, at age 24, she got her vision back, and what is truly surprising is the way it happened.

One night, she kissed her guide-dog good night (just how she used to every night) before going to bed. And just when she bent to give him a peck, she banged her head on the corner of her coffee table. Although, at that time it did hurt a little, she did not get bothered by the ache and went to sleep, only to wake up the next day equipped with the gift of sight. And thus, leaving behind a lot of questions on medical science.

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6. The woman whose craving for toilet paper continued till even after she gave birth!

Jade Sylvester, 25, developed this weird-to-the-limit craving for toilet papers during her pregnancy. Pregnancy sure gives weird cravings, but toilet paper?

And the weirdest part is that even months after (and mostly, till date) giving birth to a totally healthy child, her craving for this bizarre object has not ended. She admits to consuming one toilet paper roll every day!
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5. Monkey Man of Delhi

Some described him as a 4 feet tall monster with thick black hair, a helmet, and buttons on the chest, and some others as a 8 feet tall muscular monkey-like creature that would leap from building to building and attack the residents. Many were scratched out, and some of the victims even died due to jumping from terraces out of panic born on spotting the approaching monkey-man.

But his identity and whether he was actually something or someone, remains a big fat mystery.
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4. Skiied down the vertical crevice in Alaskan mountains without sustaining any injuries whatsoever!

US skier Cody Townsend sped down the vertical crevice in the Alaska’s Tordrillo mountain range, with absolute precision and panache. But scaling down such steep height and sustaining no injuries at all in the process is a shock (but definitely a good news) in itself.
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3. A man flying in the sky

In January of 2015, pilots of Airbus A320 were terrified on seeing a man fly past their plain, at a height of about 3,500 feet. Now, while this much height falls within the range for parachutists and balloonists, there are no records confirming any of these possibilities. More so, the man has never been seeing again!

And even if it is actually some revolutionary scientific feat, the danger quotient is alarmingly high.  So maybe we can leave this one as the mystery best, if not explained.
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2. A Kazakhstan village where people sleep for days at stretch

People in a village in northern Kazakhstan are battling a strange sleeping epidemic whereby, some of them sleep for days in a go! This village has seen a throng of doctors and physicians, all trying to debunk the cause of this strange disorder, but questions, till date, remain unanswered.

Is there a new kind of dangerous virus in the air? Nobody knows.
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1. Man who developed French fluency following his 6-day long run in coma

Following a horrific car accident, 25-year-old Rory Curtis succumbed to a 6-day run in the coma. But his revival from the coma was both a moment of celebration and weird surprise, because he woke up as a pro at speaking French, despite not having studied or spoken the language in nearly a decade. In addition to this strange post-coma development was the fact that whilst his stay in the hospital, he was convinced that he is Matthew McConaughey who could not wait to start filming!
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The world is weird, in every effing weird way.

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