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9 Slightly Scary Ways You Should Totally Adopt To Become A Better You

9 Slightly Scary Ways You Should Totally Adopt To Become A Better You

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There is no better day than today to start being the best you.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self ~ Ernest Hemingway

Before I start with this, you might be thinking – Why should you listen to me?

I’ll tell you why. I am not a perfect person. I have so many flaws and I am no motivational speaker that I’ll try to push you to do better things.

But, I will say this: Despite having many flaws, I strive to be better because, I believe, that way I am adding some meaningful elements to my life and hopefully, to others’ lives as well. And what I’ve seen is, by attempting to be a better you, you will be happier and more productive than choosing to be stagnant.

And I won’t tell you the usual stuff, that you should get up early and make a to-do list, but something that will ACTUALLY help you in the long run. 

The worst case scenario: I don’t help you at all and you go back to your already awesome life!

Okay, so let’s start. Here are some of the ways:

1. Love yourself unapologetically

This is the overrated advice, but I’ll say it is underrated because people don’t implement it in their lives. There are so many people out there who validate their existence by others’ opinion. Don’t do that.

Once you start doing this, people’s unnecessary judgements will bounce right off of you. Need one more reason? Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Hence, stop judging yourself so much.


2. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror…everyday

When you talk to yourself, you’re paying attention to someone who often gets short shrift in your life: you. Words are powerful. The words we use with others and the words we use with ourselves.

So stand in front of the mirror, and say it out loud: I am awesome and I am capable of achieving so and so things. You’ll realize the difference it makes. You’ll feel more confident and you won’t berate yourself.

P.S: I have written a script that I read out every morning! :)


3. Learn the art of saying ‘NO’

But first find your yes. Before you can become good at saying no, you should know what you are saying yes to. Take the time to understand yourself. Once you are done with that, only then you’ll know what needs to be discarded from your life. The reason can be as simple as – It just doesn’t feel right.


4. Choose silence

In this world of technology, choose to drift apart from the never-ceasing noise. Switch off your television, laptops. Switch off the songs and sit in silence. Why? Because you give your thoughts space so that it can be moulded into something beautiful.


5. Do ONE thing you love every day

Love reading? Writing? Running? Talking? Relaxing? Whatever it is that you love, try doing it every day. When we do the things we love, we experience good things that help us in maintaining a positive attitude towards life.


6. Read something about a recent happening in your field of interest every day

All of us have the advantage of world wide web at our fingertips, but we still fail to use it to the best of our advantage. Whatever the magazine or newspaper be, take some time out to read up on the latest happenings of your chosen field. Because, again, it will help you become a better you.


7. Be with people who are more successful or accomplished than you

By doing this, you affect your way of thinking, you change the way you approach a problem. It helps you navigate through life in better ways. Because hey! haven’t we been taught that good company matters?


8. Talk about ideas and not people

You must have heard of this famous saying – Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. Apply that to your life. Don’t become a part of stupid discussions which involve targeting people by talking behind their backs. And, when your friends do this, just leave the discussion because nothing good will come out of it. I repeat, nothing.


9. Lastly, make another person’s day.

Help people – not only the people you know, but also others. If you can’t do that, go to an old age home and be with old people. If not, help a street dog. Any kind of gesture is sweet and kind if done with a pure heart.

I saw Akshay Kumar preaching about this same thing in the famous ‘The Anupam Kher Show’ and I applied it in my life. Trust me, it makes you feel better and proud of yourself.

Okay, I know it got a little preachy. But before you go, I request you to at least try implementing these in your lives. These are not over-arching or difficult tasks; these can be done.

You can let me know the end results in the comments section. :)

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The story 9 Slightly Scary Ways You Should Totally Adopt To Become A Better You appeared first on StoryPick.