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8 Joys Of Life You Experience When You Work From Home

8 Joys Of Life You Experience When You Work From Home

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You slog for hours at a stretch, and get what, some more work in return? Now while slogging is fine when done in an organized manner, what isn’t fine is overworking yourself only to reach a point where you start to feel brain dead! Breaks are important. No matter how much your work keeps you hooked, they are. But turns out, regardless of how much you try to keep yourself relaxed at your workplace, that essence of stress in the air stays stagnant, and cannot be avoided.

And so, comes to your rescue, the work-from-home system! Seriously, thank God for it, because…

1. You save yourself from navigating through the sea of honking vehicles!

Now unless you work in Switzerland or Lichtenstein, why would you willingly drive in the busy roads where, unsurprisingly, you can’t even see the surface of the roads, thanks to bustling population of the metros!

Work from home = no driving in the traffic + no honking
No driving = saving of fuel
No honking = lesser noise pollution and no headache

It is a blessing, really.


2. The bliss of attending professional meetings dressed in pajamas

We all have had those days when we wore that crisp professional shirt on those, oh-my-so-lovable-and-comfy, sweatpants! It makes you feel like the ruler of your own world, who does anything at all, in their own style.


3. And you can finally, play that music out loud

For some, music is the escape from all the maddening chaos in the office. And the moment they plug those earphones off, they start to lose the track of their work. However, at home, you can take listening-to-music, up a notch! Play it out loud. Let the melodies do their work of keeping the air peppy and clean of stress. Work in a happy environment! And what place, devoid of music, can be a happy place?


4. The luxury of warm food, straight from the stove!

Irrespective of your dabba’s capability of keeping the food warm round the clock, and the tasty (mostly, not) food available at your office mess, NOTHING can replace the soul-soothing taste of fresh, piping-hot, home-cooked food.


5. Fewer work distractions

Working from home gives you the peace that you can’t get in an office environment. People, in fact, get more work done sitting in the comfort of home because of the absence of unnecessary jabbering sessions.


6. You can take frequent breaks, yet get the work done, easily and happily

Roam around in the house,

Watch TV and catch up on some news (or okay, Shin Chan),

Leave your temptress of a bed and dance a little bit, and stretch,

Play with your pet, or,

Work from a coffee house (tried and tested- It feels awesome!).

The key thing is- as long you are