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19 Absolutely Evil Gifts To Troll Your Exes

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Even our Exes deserve some love. They deserve to get gifts too. Who doesn’t like gifts?

After a breakup, we learn to let go of all the hurt caused by the people who left us alone again.

Gifting the following gifts to your Ex will ease that burden with the best therapy for every heartbreak – revenge.

*evil laugh*

1. A copy of Kamasutra, cause he was horrible in bed

It probably won’t help, but it’s a try.


2. A box of tissues

To wipe her tears when she cries after she realizes what she has lost.


3. A can of petrol and a matchstick

To light that flame of passion he didn’t have.


4. A box of deodorants

Because he smelled like shit and you tolerated this all that time.


5. A free coupon to a weight loss program

Because she got fat after she left you for another guy.


6. Toilet paper inside a pack of face wipes

Because his face looks like an asshole and it needs toilet paper for cleaning and not face wipes.


7. A strip of Saridon pills

Because she was such a headache.


8. A blow-up sex doll

Because that’s the only action he deserves to get.


9. A packet of coffee

So that she can wake up and smell the coffee and realize what she’s lost.


10. A pair of Duracell batteries

To help him “last” longer.


11. A vinyl disc of Passenger’s Let Her Go song

So that he may finally get over you.


12. A chest warmer

Because her heart was as cold as winter in Siberia.


13. A set of horse blinders

So that he may stop staring at other women when he is on a date.


14. A polygraph machine

To make her realize the number of times she lied to you.


15. A pair of boxing gloves and a MMA gym membership

Because he loved to fight.


16. A packet of sugar

To nullify all that bitterness inside of her.


17. An amateur spy kit

Because he always snooped around your in your life.


18. Some superglue that she can use because she was so super-clingy

All the best to her present boyfriend.


19. A pros and cons chart

Because he loved to compare you with other women.

Hope your Ex loves these gifts. Remember to share it with your friends who have been through rough breakups too.

Remember – everyone loves gifts.

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The story 19 Absolutely Evil Gifts To Troll Your Exes appeared first on StoryPick.