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11 Ways To Decorate Your Room If You Are A Superhero Fan

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Who doesn’t love superheroes? (Because if you don’t, then get out of my face). I literally cannot imagine a world without comic books. I grew up with them, and as geeky as it may sound, I love covering my room with everything that reminds me of them. Superheroes were an important part of my childhood, and I’m sure they were yours too. So to celebrate that bond, I have come up with this list of ideas to decorate your room.

So, if you are a superhero fan, here’s how you should kill it with excellent room decor!

1. Give your lampshades a makeover

Take out any old lamp shade and cover it with your old comic strips. You can choose your favourite character, or if you love them all, just create an assortment. If you are good at art, you can draw on a plain shade too.


2. Create you superhero marquee sign

What can be better than your name displayed across in superhero style? You can paint the cardboard cut outs of your name or if you are not good with painting, you can just cover them up with a collage of your old comic strips.


3. Arrange an awesome wall art

It can be minimal, or it can be just your favourite comic book pages framed up beautifully. Get at least 6 of them and arrange them over your bed or on your master wall.


4. Create you own ‘Captain America Shield’ night light

Take a huge round cardboard cut out and paint it like Captain America’s shield (which is not that difficult). Then poke holes in a circular pattern across the edges of each circle and the central star and make sure that they are equidistant. Now, all you have to do is push out lights from those holes and tape the wiring neatly at the back of your shield. Who has the coolest night light now?


5. Display all your action figures in style

Don’t keep them inside the box (unless you are a collector and have thousands of them). Arrange them on your shelf, or bed rest or nightstand so that they are visible to someone who enters your room.


6. Paint those walls. Can’t paint? Cover them with comic strips.

You have no idea how fantastic it is going to look. I have tried it. If are not very good with art, you can make a minimal design. Or, go all out and cover your walls with comic strips. Do it over a wallpaper so that you can keep replacing them with time.


7. Superhero drawers

Again, you can paint on it, or cover it with comic strips. If you don’t want to go all out and cover your walls, superhero drawer is an amazing idea.


8. Cover your switchboards

It’s easy and awesome. Just paste cut outs on the board surrounding the switches. When I go to switch on the lights on my superhero switchboard, I feel very powerful. :p


9. Create superhero action word art

I just love action words. They are easy to make and so fun. You can get them framed or just paint them on a cardboard and you are done!


10. Superhero Paper Streamers

It doesn’t sound very tough, but it looks awesome and I love it. Just roll some paper balls and stick action words on it. You can also make streamers from comic cut-outs.


11. Superhero lanterns

Just paint over them and put the signature sign of your superhero. To make it look cuter and give that extra edge, you can stick capes too.

Hope this was helpful.
Until next time…

POW! 😉 

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The story 11 Ways To Decorate Your Room If You Are A Superhero Fan appeared first on StoryPick.