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11 Classic Ways Loud People Ruin Your Life

11 Classic Ways Loud People Ruin Your Life

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One of the most common advises we get to hear is “Sher bano. Nai toh duniya kuchal k aage nikal jaygi”. And for those who blindly follow each and every advise that comes their way, they take this one also quite literally. They not only try to wear the brave personality of the lion (which more often than not is used uselessly, like when bargaining with poor vegetable seller), but they also try to leave their mark wherever they go by being loud like lion. And mind you, lion has a style. He roars once and the entire jungle takes notice.

But these people I am referring to, they think they are roaring like the king of jungle with full sophistication and style but in reality they are just coming out as untamed monkeys of jungle who love hooting just for the sake of it! And in the human part of the world, that’s not even cute. It is just noisy.

And based on general observation, it is being assumed that those who are loud, also talk fast, and a lot. And if you have been a victim of a loud personality at least once in your life,  you are sure to relate with the following.

1. They make you regret your decision of watching your favourite movie in the theatre

On screen, there is this actor you actually paid your hard-earned money to watch. And there is one on your side, your favourite actor’s super annoying duplicate with voice of a drunk Ranveer Singh!


2. Their greetings don’t emit warmth. It fires you up!

Because the train of “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!” makes your soul lose its sanity.


3. They are best at shattering fine dining experiences with their over-the-top loud excitement!

And if you happen to dine at a place where kitty aunty wala group is also present, then chances of you enjoying a quiet bite with your loved ones are as meager as that of Rakhi Sawant meditating!


4. They reduce your power of concentration by tenfold!

They have to express everything out loud. They don’t even have many thoughts because they even think out aloud!


5. You can never know if they are excited or angry!

They do a loud “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” for both feelings. So how can you ever judge?


6. They just don’t get the importance of maintaining silence in a library!

With them around, you are always trying to read. You are never actually able to read.


7. For them, talking on phone is a like a fun adventure equivalent to screaming from mountain top!

They make your ears bleed!


8. Going to any social gatherings with them is no less than a dangerous dare!

Besides being a source of embarrassment, their loudness can be so intimidating that it can trigger social anxiety disorder in you!


9. Their annoying laughs and giggles make you want to pull off your arm just so you can have something to throw at them!

They make you believe in hate at first sight!


10. They have to be asleep for you to catch some sleep!

And if sleep starts to take over you on other times, then they will throw utensils, turn up the TV volume, sing out aloud in Himesh Reshamiya style. They will go noisy in any which way just to keep you aware of the fact that they exist around you!


11. They convert aircraft into their private living rooms!

Can’t nap. Can’t read. Can’t identify patterns in clouds. You can listen to music though! But unless of course if you are trying to save battery, then your journey is doomed!

Sure, they can be a gigantic pain in the ass and in the nerves of your brain. But let’s give it up to them for all those times when their one loud call queued up four autowallas before you :)

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The story 11 Classic Ways Loud People Ruin Your Life appeared first on StoryPick.