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10 Unlikely Places You Won’t Believe Where People Have Fallen In Love

10 Unlikely Places You Won’t Believe Where People Have Fallen In Love

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You find love in the unlikeliest places.

Love doesn’t come with band baaja and baraat. Sometimes, it comes to you when you least expect it. But when love does find you, even these insignificant places become important.

Such is love.

1. Finding love on Quora

Quora is a place people ask questions and get answers from people who know the answers. The questions range from the seemingly trivial to the mind-numbingly deep ones. And everyone does their best to answer them.

And in these answers, people find the quirks they probably wouldn’t find if they were standing in front of each other. Then comes the personal message, and people meet up.

Then they date and eventually end up together.

Who knew asking questions and providing answers to them led you to your soulmates?

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2. Finding love while playing DotA (it is an online computer game)

DotA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, all have a history of players falling in love with each other. I came across a very poignant one the other day.

JimBenDoto is from Sweden. Like all DotA players, he met a lot of players whenever he played (you meet 9 different people every game) and met a girl from Estonia, a different country. They talked and became friends, and eventually, they met each other when the girl visited Jim in Sweden.

They met for another couple of times and fell in love. Pretty regular online love story until now. Then Jim left everything – his family and life in Sweden to move to Estonia to start a whole new life with her.


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3. After the Boston Marathon Bombing

It is the classic Nightingale effect. But not just limited to that. Boston Marathon bombing survivor James Costello fell in love with the nurse that took care of him after he survived the brutal terrorist attacks.

However the love didn’t happen in the hospital as we would believe, but on a cruise ship that was awarded to survivors to help with their recuperation. They got to know each other and fell in love with the person they saw beyond the physical appearances.

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4. At the funeral house where they came to bury their respective partners

Tom went to the funeral house to bury his wife. Some months before, Isabell buried her husband. The person who arranged both the funerals – Lynn Love suggested to Tom that he move on and go on a date with Isabell.

They did go on a date, and fell in love.

They married in June 2014 and they love each other like a couple of teens with Tom proclaiming, “Loneliness is a terrible thing. If it hadn’t been for Lynne I would never have met Isabell or realized that people like her existed.”

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5. The food line in the prison where she served food as he served his sentence

Jeana Ramsey worked in a prison where she served food to inmates. Edward Johnson was an inmate who fell in love with her as she served food to him.

When Edward finished his jail term, he met up with Jeana and they became a couple, their love started in a prison.

Then they ended up in jail again when they failed to rob a bank successfully. They are both undertrial, awaiting judgment for the lovely romantic outing to the bank they had together.

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6. At a  topless bar where she stripped and he was a bouncer

Susan McClinton had two children to support. She was short on money, so she went to a topless bar to strip. Philip McClinton was a bounder at that club and promised to protect her from the creeps that usually inhabit such places.

Then, both these middle-aged lovebirds took degree courses in Biology and studied together and got decent jobs. In a way they saved each other from bad endings and taught us how love can save us all from the worst of all life can throw at us.

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7. At preschool, then they moved apart only to find each other again

Ever wonder if you met your school sweetheart, would you still be in love with him/her?

A couple found out that they still were, but in a bizarre turn of events.

Justin Pounders and Amy Giberson studied in the same preschool in Florida. They were one of those couples who fall in innocent love. But they had to move away from each other because both of them went to different colleges.

After several years, both of them ended up at their hometown and met each other online. They didn’t recognize each other at once. Only when they fell in love all over again and sat with their school albums they realized that they loved each other int he past.

Love never truly dies, only hides in the passage of time.

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8. In a lab. True story.

The experiment?

Two complete strangers sitting across the table for two hours, looking at each other continuously. In these 2 hours, they ask each other 36 questions. The questions range from the common and superficial to the deep probes.

And in the end, they made the choice to fall in love with each other. And by their claim, they chose to be in love and not fall in love.

And it worked.

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9. In a movie theater, waiting for a different date

We all hate when our dates show up late for a movie or a dinner. But what happens when they do not show up at all? That too on your first date?

You sit there like a fool because you were stood up by a person who, at the last moment got cold feet and decided to ditch you even before it started. The same thing happened to Marla in Chicago. But as she politely waited, another man approached her and asked her if she would go to a movie with him, if her date didn’t show up.

Her date didn’t show up, and they got married 18 months later.

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So, if you are looking for love only in the most romantic places, you probably are limiting your chances of finding love.

Maybe you will find it in the most unlikely place too.

Fingers crossed.

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The story 10 Unlikely Places You Won’t Believe Where People Have Fallen In Love appeared first on StoryPick.