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10 Of The Most Interesting Men From Across The World

10 Of The Most Interesting Men From Across The World

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Interesting people are less about their chirpy personalities, and more about the things they do differently from others; things that truly make them interesting.

Following is a list of the famous men in the world whose lives have generated facts that have garnered them the reputation of being interesting.

1. Pope Francis- Was once a bouncer in a night club

The first Jesuit Pope, and the first ever from the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina), Pope Francis was once a bouncer, a janitor, and a chemical tester before joining the Jesuits.

A soccer fan, and an ardent wine lover who also misses eating pizza, Pope Francis never judges gay priests.

And did you also know that his holiness hasn’t watched T.V. in like 25 years!

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2. Anthony Bourdain- The man who ate a raw seal eyeball!

No matter how many times and how convincingly you call yourself a food lover, no one in this world can beat Anthony Bourdain when it comes to being a food fan. The man can eat just about anything! ANYTHING. Imagine the most stomach-churning dish in your head, and there are high chances that Bourdain has already had it!

Some of the exotic dishes the man has confessed to having eaten are:

  • Ant eggs,
  • Sheep testicles,
  • A raw seal eyeball,
  • An entire Cobra (with its beating heart, bile, blood, meat)

But, fermented shark meat and warthog rectum are the food items that he found the most disgusting of the lot.

With his Emmy-award winning show “Parts Unknown”, he explores the world and the local tastes of every region, with utter delight and interest.

Moreover, married to a Jiu-Jitsu fighter wife, Anthony Bourdain has not only learnt the martial art, but also has won a blue belt.

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3. James Franco- He shadowed a male prostitute to do justice to the character he played!

This is one man who wears the skin of the characters he plays, quite literally. He lived on the streets, became a smoker, learnt to ride a bike, shadowed a male prostitute; and these are just a few of many examples of how he breathed life into his characters. Talking about the time he became a smoker; Franco smoked two packs a day to fully justify the role of “James Dean”. He never smoked before he started to rehearse for the movie and hasn’t smoked since. Strictly and cleverly professional, I must say.

In addition, Franco has also lectured classes in School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA, and also has a band!

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4. Michael Jordan- The first billionaire NBA player

Growing up, Michael Jordan was called Magic Jordan (named so after Magic Johnson). With 6 NBA Championships, 5 MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards, 2 Olympic Golds in his name, he is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player in the world. It is his skills and passion for the game that is credited for spreading the popularity of NBA world over. He is also known for his product endorsements, Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers, in particular, which, having been launched sometime in 1985, remain popular till date.

And as of 2015, Michael Jordan is the first billionaire NBA player in history.

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5. George Takei- Versatile by all means

An American actor, director, author, activist, and a Facebook king, George Takei is a versatile man who handles all the different roles of his life with sheer brilliance. A supporter of LGBT rights, Takei stays very much active in state and local politics while simultaneously working on his movie career. Takei came out as a gay in 2005 when governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a same-sex marriage bill. Apart from being a talented actor and an active politician, Takei is also a skilled marathoner and fencer!

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6. Bill Gates- The king of all givers has a fly named after him!

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Yes, we say hello to him every day when the most loved window in the world shows up on our screen, but did you also know that Bill Gates has a fly named after him, which exactly is called Bill Gates’ flower fly? The richest man in the world and the British honorary knight, Gates is also a master giver.

Along with his wife Melinda, Gates, as of 2007, was the second most generous philanthropist in America. There is also a commitment called, “Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge” whereby Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg have committed to donating half of their earned wealth.

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7. Richard Branson- The most admired businessman over the last 5 decades

The Virgin group, founded by Richard Branson, encompasses as many as 400 companies! But, did you know that Branson, a college dropout, had become a businessman at age 16 itself, with the magazine “Student”? Today, the man owns two islands in the Caribbean.

But in addition to his business skills, Branson is a game for creating and breaking world records! After his first failed attempt in 1985, he became the fastest to cross the Atlantic Ocean in his Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, the next year.

  • He has also broken the record of crossing the Pacific from Japan to Arctic Canada,
  • Has made attempts to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon,
  • Has covered the distance from Dover (a town in South East England) to Calais (a town in Northern-France) travelling in the Gibbs Aquada in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 6 seconds.

But the record that steals the show is the one he broke by going kite surfing carrying a bikini-clad woman on his back! Yes, for a man in his 60s, he is supremely tough and adventurous.

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8. Peter Dinklage- They call him a sex symbol, and he introduces them to something called ‘irony’

A literal version of “big things come in small packages,” Peter Dinklage has been the constant favourite of GoT fans. Also a broadway star, Dinklage garnered a lot of media attention when he was kneed in his head while performing as a trumpet player for a band called Whizzy. Despite the unfortunate incident that could have easily knocked out his confidence, Dinklage went on to perform unperturbed. The incident has left a permanent scar that runs from his neck to his forehead.

Also, the man is regarded as a sex symbol, or what some people like to call, a DWILF! When he was asked of his opinion on the same, Dinklage said that he saw an irony in all of it. He said that they can call him a sex symbol, but girls would any day, still go for guys who are 6+ in height.

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9. Elon Musk- Aspires to colonize Mars

We all find Ironman interesting, don’t we? However, how many of you knew that the inspiration for the character sketch of Ironman was derived from the inventor and the highly admired science geek, Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is the genius when it comes to imagining. He has created possibilities we can’t get enough of. The man is the creator of PayPal, which he sold for $ 1.5 billion. But, PayPal is just a teeny invention in comparison to his space transportation company. What’s more? The inventor also wishes to colonize Mars.

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10. Story Musgrave- A 6-degree holder, a 6-time space visitor.

For those of you who haven’t heard the name; the man is a high school dropout who is also:

  • A retired highly educated NASA astronaut- holds 6 degrees!
  • The second astronaut to have achieved the record of six space flights
  • American physician
  • Now runs a Palm farm and a production company
  • Public speaker
  • Consultant to Disney Imagineering group

The man is 80-years of age, and has been practically working all his life!

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And, these are just a few of many!

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The story 10 Of The Most Interesting Men From Across The World appeared first on StoryPick.